General Info
We have chosen three hotels as event hotels, all located next to each other in comfortable reach of Potsdamer Platz, Anhalter Bahnhof train station and our event location "Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche" !

ETAP Hotel
Anhalter Str. 6

Single room 45
Double room 55
Breakfast buffet 5
Ibis Hotel
Anhalter Str. 4

Single room 64 Double room 79 Breakfast buffet 9
Suite Hotel
Anhalter Str. 2

Double room 89
Third person 10
Fourth person 10
Breakfast cube 8

* All rooms provide air condition

* If you book 4, 5 or 6 nights in the Suite Hotel then one night will be charged for half prize only

* If you book 7 or more nights in the Suite Hotel then one night will be for free

* The price for the breakfast buffet is for one person and one night

* In the Suite Hotel Tea, Coffee and Croissants are for free

* The delicate breakfast cubes in the Suite Hotel are available as Gourmet cube, Sweet cube and Fitness cube (plus tasty bred and juice)

The hotel reservation system is now prepared for your bookings. Your contact person is

Mrs. Katrin Nickel
Phone number 0049-3020056403

Please send an email to


with "Leonard Cohen Event" in the subject line

Then add these informations:

Name of hotel "Etap, Ibis or Suite"
Your name
Your address
Date of Arrival
No of nights
No of rooms
No of persons
Breakfast Yes or No

NOTES: Dates can be changed anytime - Cancellations can be made until day of arrival 18.00 - No deposit required - Only in case of check-in time after 18.00 they need a credit card number or deposit - Breakfast can booked at the check-in table if you cannot decide now!

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