On the left: Maarten Massa's car
decorated with a familiar signature!

Ready for registration!
Ute Egle, Dolores Nedbalek, Elke Franz, Sylvia Triesch, Katrin Meuser,
Christoph Franz, Kerstin Pulverich, Volkmar Triesch

Henning with sisters Sylvia, Katrin, and Kerstin

Rita Hellmich (Germany), Saif Alwardi (Oman) and Friedemann Linke (Germany)

Justyna Galanti (Poland) gets acquainted with Boris.

On the left: Kim Solez (Alberta) and his famous robotic dogs.

Below: Dolores Nedbalek (Germany) with Monique De Wispelaere and Antoine Gansbeke (Belgium)

Laura Nicolaescu (Romania)
On the left: Kaisa and Pirkko Heikkilä (Finland)

Above: Patsy Rigouts and Laurent Buyck (Belgium)
Helen McSweeney and Sheila O´Mahony (Ireland) with Ken Forsyth (UK)

Laura Hafferty (Texas) with Jarkko Arjatsalo (Finland)
Below: name, please!!

Peter and Cheryl Wawrysz (UK)

Henning with Brigitte and E. Michael Brauner (Austria)

Margret and John Owens (Germany)

Joe Way, Wisconsin

Bobbie Chalou (Virginia) with Elke Franz (Germany)

Below: Maarten and Eddy Massa (Belgium)

Katrin Meuser with Gertrud and Notker Kelber (Germany)

Sally Michalski (Pennsylvania) and Donna Palmer (Massachusetts)

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