by Rod Sinclair

Title In Quest of Delight
Author Rod Sinclair
Country & Year Denmark 1992
Publisher Gyldendal, Denmark
Pages 108 pages, black and white pictures including album covers and six photos of Cohen.
Notes ISBN 87-00-06402-5. Paperback.
Portraits in Music -series. English textbook for Danish students.
A taped 15 min interview with Leonard Cohen (Rod Sinclair in Aarhus on April 28, 1988) is accompanying the book - it also contains the songs discussed on the tape and in the book.
Summary From the preface of the book: "This is a personal selection of Leonard Cohen's material, but I have done my best to ensure that the pieces are representative of Cohen's themes, techniques and modes of expression."

"It has been said that if a young girl in Paris in 1968 had only one gramophone record, then it was undoubtedly a Leonard Cohen LP."

"Leonard Cohen wrote and sang some of the songs that best expressed the spirit of the 1960's. Then he did exactly the same thing another time, with different songs, in 1988."

"The purpose of this book is to present a small selection of Cohen's work to an audience who may not be familiar with many of his aspects. To examine the work and see how Leonard Cohen could put words to the echoes of his times twice in his career - something few artists achieve even once."

Thanks to Martin Christensen for a copy of this nice little book!