Leonard Cohen and
Anjani Thomas
March 31, Warsaw 2007

  • 2LP vinyl: Live in Radio Trojka's 45th anniversary concert, Warsaw, Poland, March 2007
    (Blue Alert promotional tour)


    Side A: 1. Leonard Cohen's opening words - 2. Blue Alert - 3. The Golden Gate
    Side B: 4. Half the Perfect World - 5. Innermost Door - 6. No One After You
    Side C: 7. Never Got to Love You - 8. Thanks for the Dance
    Side D: 9. Whither Thou Goest - 10. Nightingale

    Songs 7 and 9 were duets with Leonard, all other songs performed by Anjani

    Released by Mar Del Plata Records, Argentina, 2020, Cat # 0162
    Thanks to Matthew S Joffe for the information

  • First We Take Manhatten
    (The Beacon Theatre in New York, February 19, 2009)

  • The Beacon concert was a special happening for Leonard Cohen's fans and media.The recording used on this vinyl LP is a copy of a radio broadcast. Note the typo in the album title!

    1. Dance me to the end of love
    2. Chelsea Hotel # 2
    3. Tower of song
    4. Suzanne
    5. The partisan

    6. Hallelujah
    7. A thousand kisses deep
    8. So long Marianne
    9. First we take Manhattan

    Publisher: Swinging Dog Records (no other information available)
    Technical quality: Excellent. Vinyl LP

    Thanks to Peter Torbijn for the info

  • Leonard Cohen
    Birmingham 2013
    Vol 1, 2, 3

  • 3 x 2LP vinyl: Live at The Arena, Birmingham, UK, September 8, 2013


    Volume 1:

    Side A: Dance Me to the End of Love - The Future
    Side B: Bird on a Wire - Everybody Knows
    Side C: Who By Fire - The Gipsy's Wife
    Side D: The Darkness - Amen - Come Healing

    Volume 2:

    Side E: Lover Lover Lover (+band intro) - Tower of Song
    Side F: Suzanne - Chelsea Hotel - Waiting for the Miracle
    Side G: Anyhow - The Partisan - In My Secret Life
    Side H: Alexandra Leaving (Sharon Robinson) - I'm Your Man - A Thousand Kisses Deep (poem)

    Volume 3:

    Side I: Hallelujah - Take this Waltz
    Side J: So Long Marianne - Going Home - First We Take Manhattan
    Side K: Famous Blue Raincoat - If It Be Your Will (Webb Sisters) - Closing Time
    Side L: I Tried to Leave You

    Released by Mar Del Plata Records, Argentina, 2019, Cat # 070-072
    Thanks to Matthew S Joffe for the information

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