Roberto Caselli

The 2014 edition

The 2018 edition

Title Hallelujah. Testi commentati
Author Roberto Caselli
Country & Year Italy 2014
Revised edition 2018
Publisher Arcana
TXT Vol.0.53
Pages 384, revised edition 418 pages
Notes ISBN 9788862314, revised edition 9788862315173
Text in Italian.
Summary Summary of the 2018 edition (google translation):

During his eighty-two years of life, Leonard Cohen has experimented a lot. He has distinguished himself as a young writer in the French-speaking Montréal and has also succumbed to poetry, but it is with the music that has gained fame. His songs explore the peaks and miseries of the human soul with lucid sincerity, but in their verses often hides more than an interpretation, which makes it necessary to identify different interpretations that reveal a sometimes symbolic, sometimes dreamlike writing: the Bible , his being a Jew, sex. Like his songbook, his biography also unfolds between obstinate spiritual research and an absolute need for love. Mysticism and passion find in Cohen an unthinkable interpenetration, a supreme synthesis that never risks incoherence. Entering the spirit of the text becomes essential to take possession of all the nuances it expresses, to discover anxieties of life so profound that they become universal. This is what we propose to do this book, a tribute to the long career of one of the most influential songwriters of the last century.

Thanks to Dominique Boile for the information