A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Jacque Lauritsen & band


From the concert at Vega, Copenhagen June 3rd 1999 - photo by Martin E. Carlsen

Good news for all Leonard Cohen fans in Scandinavia: Once again Jacque Lauritsen and his 9-piece band BIRDS ON THE WIRE are lining up for their highly praised Cohen tribute. The show will be performed at the concert hall of VEGA in Copenhagen on the 22nd of September 2005, the day after Leonard’s birthday!

It’s been three years since last time so hopefully the audience from previous shows will be eager to witness another tour de force through legendary Cohen songs, played and performed in autentic sound an feeling. The repertoire covers all of Leonard’s carrer, including highlights from the latest album ”Dear Heather”.

For further information contact the band at Tickets are now on sale through - and you better hurry. The 350 seats are usually sold out!

BIRDS ON THE WIRE is the name. Leonard Cohen is the subject. Playing his songs is the project. Thus, the band made their first public appearance in the concert hall of VEGA, Copenhagen - Denmark, on June 3rd 1999. The event was a sell out several days before. 400 people attended a 3-hour tour de force through 20 Cohen classics, arranged and performed very close to the scenario of Leonard's '88 and '93 tour.

BIRDS ON THE WIRE is founded by Danish actor and singer Jacque Lauritsen who has previously set up similar tributes to Bob Dylan and French chansonnier Jacques Brel. In both cases the ambition was to catch the autentic sound and feeling of the artist in question within a unique merger of music and theatrical concept. In view of the enthusiasm among the audience at VEGA also BIRDS ON THE WIRE seem to have struck the nerve!

Due to the overwhelming response the Cohen tribute has been succesfully repeated five times, and new concerts are about to be scheduled. In a wider perspective BIRDS ON THE WIRE are very keen to go abroad and (hopefully) please Cohen-fans in other countries, so if anyone's got a good idea don't hesitate mailing us

The press wrote: "As a rule we never recommend cover music. However, it was an outstanding experience to witness Jacque Lauritsen's tribute to Canadian songwriter Leonard Cohen. The performance of the 10-piece band, including stringers and two female singers, was excellent indeed, and Jacque Lauritsen hit the deep Cohen notes so that all true fans could close their eyes and imagine the master himself on stage..." Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

The audience wrote: "What a great tribute! The atmosphere was unvbelievable, and as long as we can't hear Leonard live, Birds On The Wire is a fantastic alternative. Congratulations!"

BIRDS ON THE WIRE: Jacque Lauritsen: Vocals/Guitar - Marianne Dollerup: Vocals - Evy Krogh: Vocals - Jacob Stenz: Keyboards - Pete Hegn: Guitars - June Beltoft: Saxes/Tambourine - Jens Tolsgaard: Mandola/Accordion/Piano - Morten Ildsø: Drums - Svend Dyhr Hansen: Bass

Last revised on July 8, 2005