On the album "Guns2Guitars"

(The Hebrew version of the album "Alternative")

Tower of song
Who by fire
The future
Story of Isaac

(All in Hebrew; also 18 other non-Cohen songs,
note that the Cohen songs are on the Hebrew CD only)

Ofer Golany makes light jazz combined with hassidic (kleizmer) music. He is protesting against many things in his songs, among them is IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and the military service. He wants to turn guns to guitars with his music. This record was banned by the Radio station of the IDF due to its anti-militaristic message.

The artist writes: "I first recorded a translation of Story of Isaac in 1995 as I resound with the message - the voice of the state (you who build these altars) is not God's voice. I am connected with Cohen's Jewish roots and his many referances to the Bible and my life here in Jerusalem carry the same message. Who by Fire is from a prayer for the High Holidays. In the prayer it is clear who decides and only the manner of dying changes. Cohen has (as with the Story of Isaac) put another - thought provoking - angle on it and my translation is almost word for word except "who shall i say is calling" which I translated in three different ways. I recorded it in 2000 as a Kaddish for my father with Rahel Jaskow on voices and Ray Scudero as recording engineer. The Future was part of the next project with Ray - DA'AT ("knowledge") - which also had 22 songs (corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet-a format I use often) - we assigned it to the letter Peh which in the Tarot is the Tower and put in apocalyptic sound effects."

"Before summer 2003 I did a tour of my Alternative album in Israel and during the summer translated Everybody Knows, Joan of Arc, Hallelujah, Lover Lover Lover and First we take Manhattan into Hebrew. Now (Fall 2003) I'm playing a 16 song Leonard Cohen program all over Israel, singing Hebrew translations or original English songs according to the audience."

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Last revised on September 22, 2003