~ greg Wed 22/04/2009 7:47 PM
We have to remember that dying is something that everybody does alone.
They review their lives, as best they can, and the rest of us are a much
smaller part of their lives then we may think. Dying people are solipsistic.
They are self-absorbed. And they have the right to be.
And we have no right to imagine our physical presence to be a critically important thing to them at this time. That's the attitude of a child who still
demands the full attention of his parents. But we have to
let them go. And if we can, we should let them know that we are
letting them go. That we no longer need them. Their job is done.
That it's ok to leave. And this is not cruel.
It's the kindest thing we can do for them.

in memory of our dear friend greg wells
who left us on friday
20th of november 2009
greg was loved by many of us, respected by many others, misunderstood
by some. some of us knew him as gentle, intelligent, kind, generous, humble, and unsure of his own place in the world. sometimes he came across as harsh and aloof. i would like to believe that he never meant any harm.
i know at times it was just his way of coping with the big bad world, from which he had withdrawn himself many years ago. that's until he found the leonard cohen newsgoup and later the forum. one intimate conversation with him, and all the walls would crumble. despite his sometime awkwardness his heart was pure and he felt everything deeply. this is a page to remember our friend and honour his life, his mind, his heart, his intellect, and most of all
his kindness.

he is missed, and will never be forgotten.

~self-portrait 10.06.2008~

~ greg Wed 10/06/2009 11:14 AM
Time marches on. Just like an army on the march.
Stopping only long enough to stare at the occasional goat.
Which is all I am. An old goat.