From the left: Mickey_One and a local taxi


(Michael Wolkind, UK)

The reason I am coming to Hydra is to say "sorry". The Event gives me an opportunity to apologise in person to fellow Leonard Cohen fans for all my misdeeds on the Newsgroup and in the Chatroom during the last 2 years since I apologised in Montreal and swore I would never do it again.

Jarkko has kindly set aside an entire Open Mike session for me to address you. The provisional timetable is as follows,

7 am The Early Years.

A charming 4hr talk based around my Nursery and Primary School history, including a slideshow of the arrival of the fire-engines and the futile attempt to stop the inferno reaching the next-door Old Peoplesí Home.

11 am The Middle Years

A detailed 5hr discussion of my major achievements during my Prime Time of life, including original tapes of all the Police Interviews.

4 pm The Sunset Years

This reflective 6hr introspection on my continuing success will include optional chanting. The evening will conclude with free hot cocoa.

10 pm The Impromptu Encore

I will recite my World-Famous tribute to the not-at-all-dirgelike Leonard Cohen mistake, Bird On The Wire.

I look forward to seeing you all. Thank you for sharing my special Occasion.

Mickey_One begging for forgiveness from Henning

Photos from Michael's album


Lawrence Salloum, Montreal, Canada

Photo © Eve

the cycle anew
after the morning ablutions
leaning over the basin
on a worn threadbare rug
my unshaven face
goes so well
And then leaning on your window sill

your oak like voice
has echoed through the
windows of my apartments
since i came here
he'll say one day you caused his will

the crows of ridgewood
caw at five in the afternoon
the branches of the maple
quiver arrows offer up suggestions
to weaken with your love and warmth and your shelter
false prophets wander
down the main
all the fleeting foot soldiers
trudge through sleet
another montreal winter
there are rumours
And taking from his wallet

a rose for my lapel
the wind howls cold thank you
it has been a while
since the sounds of richer
voices rang out
an old schedule of trains he'll say

the walls here now are broken
the flames have taken me in
my footfall has become heavy
i waver and i'm thin
i'm pale and unshaven
I told you when i came I was a stranger
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