Lizzie Madder, Leicester, UK

Hydra - Party

You told me I took your hand
although I could not remember
this detail; the delight in your eyes
reminded me of a small child
waiting for the grownups
to offer sweets and chocolate

later, your eyes followed me
impatient for the gifts
to be unwrapped

you told me you heard
the sound of leonard cohen outside
in night's settling dust and heat
and having come so far
asked if you might
join the gathering

in a spirit of generosity
I gave you
life membership

Hydra - Gifts

from Piraeus harbour
we sailed to the island
to seek the enchanter
we drank the local beer
the cheap champagne
the enchanter made us believe
they had come from
the finest cellars in europe

to those of us who had come in search of beauty
he gave hessian sacks
filled with pebbles shaped like faces
those who had given up hope
of finding the missing pieces of their tranquility
were given parcels of disquiet
beautifully wrapped and sealed
disguised as olive soap

those who came in search of solutions
were given riddles to solve
those who already had the answers
he took their questions away

More Hydra poems by Lizzie coming pretty soon...

© 2002 Lizzie Madder
Photos © 2002 Jarkko Arjatsalo (1) and Kim Solez (2)