Michele Dina Lee and Kris Anderson (California)
playing "By The Rivers Dark"

I was born in the city of Los Angeles, but really never felt Ive belonged here. My work is a mixture of social satire and my own experiences. I believe that painting or and art form should really be about how you experience life from youre eyes. I've gotten involved with music, fashion design, as well as photography. This was a result of the broad range of exposure to all forms of art I had as a student at California Institute of the Arts. My art is about expression and social situations involving what I experience life in Los Angeles, and is colored by my emotional state of mind at the time of creating work. I mask certian issues with humor, which is the reason people have called the work "social Satire". I have been traveling extensively to gain more knowledge and to see different environments experiencing living in other cities.

I've faced many many "issues" concerning earning a living, and the curse that seems to go with creative people involving not "fitting in" with the social norm. I've heard people call artists irresponsible, having no bussiness sense, and so forth, I do not agree with that at all. Being an artist is a HUGE responsibility. As you realize from the start it isn't easy.

- Michele Dina Lee.

Michele's own photos from Hydra. Visit Michele's website

Color photos © Eve (1), Stephane Ehling (2)