A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

by Indiscriminate Lovers

USA 2018


1. Minute Prologue 01:22
2. On The Level 03:20
3. Darkness 03:19
4. If I Didn't Have Your Love 03:00
5. Banjo 03:25
6. Tonight Will Be Fine 03:26
7. Amen 04:06

Released in USA on July 24, 2018, by the artists
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Trent Wagler: Guitars, Banjo, Vocals, Percussion
Derek Kratzer: Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Indiscriminate Lovers is a musical partnership between Trent Wagler and Derek Kratzer, who first started playing music together in college. "Amen" is their first collaborative project since 2006. This album grew out of an inspired evening of music at a Leonard Cohen tribute night.

Trent is the lead songwriter for the Americana band, The Steel Wheels, and Derek teaches strings in Chapel Hill, NC. Trent Wagler and Derek Kratzer have been looking for ways to make music together for the better part of 20 years. They finally took up the moniker Indiscriminate Lovers to put out this EP of Leonard Cohen songs. This is a short collection of Leonard Cohen covers, mostly lesser known songs, some from Cohen's last few albums. It is a testament to the life of poetic and musical mastery Mr. Cohen lived.

Thanks to Flavio Poltronieri for the information