A tribute to Leonard Cohen

Croatia, 1999

Track listing:

1. Prekratki prolog / Minute prologue
2. Zbogom malena / So long Marianne
3. Nek pjevac umre / A singer must die
4. Ptica dugim letom / Bird on the wire
5. Hazarder / The stranger song
6. Obalna prica / Stories of the street
7. Ljiljan / Suzanne
8. Tvoja zelja zna / If it be your will
9. Moj grijeh skriven znas / You know who I am
10. Odvedi me / Dance me to the end of love
11. Tko / Who by fire
12. Mali becki valcer / Take this waltz

Author of text and music: Leonard Cohen
Author of Croatian transcriptions: Srdjan Depolo
Arrangement and production: Niksa Bratos
Guitars arranged and played: Ibrica Jusic
Recorded at "Rokoko" studios, January 1999
Sound engineers: Niksa Bratos and Goran Martinec
Keyboards: Muc Softic, Niksa Bratos
Bass and electric guitars: Niksa Bratos
Violin: Emil
Background vocals: Jadranka and Daria
Sleeve design: Damir Hoyka
Sleeve realization: Ivica Baricevic Ibar

Publisher: Dancing Bear, Heinzelova 47a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Thanks to Juraj Mucko, Marko Sunjic, and Dancing Bear for their help!