by Liel Leibovitz

UK Edition

US Edition

Title A Broken Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen's Secret Chord (UK)
A Broken Hallelujah - Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen (USA)
Author Liel Leibovitz
Country & Year UK 2014
USA 2014
Publishers Sandstone Press Ltd, UK
WW Norton & Co, New York
Pages 256
Notes ISBN 9781908737861 (UK)
9780393082050 (USA)
Summary "In this revealing biography, Liel Leibovitz looks at what it is that makes musician/philosopher/poet Leonard Cohen an enduring international figure in the cultural imagination. (...)Cohen hardly follows the rules of a conventional rock star. Yet the prophetic themes of his music, often filled with pessimism and apocalyptic visions, prove redemptive to an audience that spans generations, from those who listened in the 1960's to today. As Leonard Cohen requires, this is a passionate and personal evocation of a man who appeals to the inner spirit of his fervent followers."

Title Leonard Cohen - muzika, iskupljenje, život (Serbian edition)
Leonard Cohen - život, hudba a vykoupení (Czech edition)
Hallelujah - Rock & Roll, izbăvire și viața lui Leonard Cohen (Romanian edition)
Author Liel Leibovitz

Translated by Kateřina Novotná into Czech
Translated by Louis and Tudor Ulrich into Romanian
Country & Year Serbia, the Czech Republic, Romania 2014
Publisher Dereta, Beograd, Serbia
Vyšehrad, Prag, the Czech Republic
Victoria Books / Publica, Bucharest, Romania
Pages 192 (Serbia)
212 (the Czech Republic)
240 (Romania)
Notes ISBN 9788673469577 (Serbia, paperback)
ISBN 9788074294778 (The Czech Republic, paperback)
ISBN 9786068360867 (Romania, paperback)