"Madison - Brigadoon with a touch of Havana" - Leonard Cohen in 1970



4 PM: Registration and Reception, The Lowell Center Upper Lounge
8 PM: Concert: Music Hall, John Kloberdanz; Bill Camplin

10:30 AM: UW-Madison campus walking tour
1 PM: Leonard Cohen Films, Marquee Cinema, Union South
8 PM: Concert: Music Hall, The Fingers; Joy Dragland

Morning-free time for Capitol Square Farmer's Market
2 PM: Open Mic Session, Lowell Center, Dining Room
8 PM: Concert: Music Hall, Sylvie Simmons & Heidi Clare

Morning & Early afternoon free time
2 PM-Sylvie Simmons biography reading, Leonard Cohen discussion
3 PM-Carillon Concert with Leonard Cohen songs performed by UW Carillonaire, Lyle Anderson, Carillon Bell tower, top of Bascom Hill
7 PM: Reception and Dance, Great Hall, Memorial Union; Yid Vicious-Klezmer band


All of the event plans are being finalized and it is looking like we will be having a very fun event with good performances. The latest news is that Sylvie Simmons plans to come and, in addition to reading an excerpt from her new biography of Leonard, she will be performing some Cohen covers as well as some original songs on one of the evenings. Some of us got a little preview of her performance in Las Vegas, and I can safely say that we are in for a treat. We have also added Bill Camplin, a very well-respected local musician, songwriter and club owner. I wish that we had time to take in a performance at his club, Cafe Carpe-but we'll have to do that another time.

There is still plenty of time for new registrations, so if you've been on the fence, there is still opportunity. Now is also the time to make your reservations at the Lowell Center, there are still plenty of rooms, but by the end of June we will need to release them to the general public.

Also, if you plan to join us in Chicago for the pre-event, please make your room reservation now with Patrick at the Comfort Suites. Here is his contact info:

Patrick W. Kennedy
Director of Sales
Comfort Suites - Michigan Avenue/Loop
320 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60601
312.204.6902 direct
I'm starting to make the arrangements for the post-event tours to Taliesin and Ten Chimneys so please contact me if you are interested in participating.

Anne & I are really thrilled to be able to host this wonderful group of Cohenites and we eagerly look forward to the summer.



Dear friends,

We are working hard and finalizing the event details. It promises to be very exciting and fun for those who will be able to attend. The newest developments include booking the Klezmer band, "Yid Vicious" for the Sunday night reception and dance being held at Great Hall in Memorial Union. The band members are all big Leonard Cohen fans and are very excited about the opportunity to perform for our group.

The Thursday night, Friday and Saturday performances will be held at historic Music Hall at the foot of Bascom Hill. Music Hall was the 5th building that was built on the University campus back in the 1800's. We plan to have Ali Hughes perform her "Leonard Cohen Koans" that was a hit in New York City last September. I am working with legendary Madison guitar player, Louka Patenoude to put together some local performers to augment our nightly entertainment. More news will be coming on that front shortly.

We have reserved the "Marquee" theater at the brand new Union South on the Friday afternoon for a surprise film and maybe even some historic home movies. Everyone will still have the opportunity on Saturday morning to experience the great farmer's market on Capitol Square. Saturday afternoon will be the traditional Open Microphone session.

Sunday afternoon we are organizing a discussion with some of our knowledgable people about some of the themes in Leonard's new work. There will also be the Carillion concert featuring some of Leonard's work. Sunday will be capped off with the aforementioned reception and dance.

I have been able to secure a block of rooms at the Comfort Suites on Monday and Tuesday, July 30 & 31st for those who are interested in spending a couple of days in Chicago prior to our event. The hotel is located one-half block south of the Chicago River, two blocks north of Millenium Park and just a few blocks from the newly opened wing of the Chicago Art Institute. Rooms are available for $151 plus tax per night and include a full american breakfast, free wi-fi, and great views of the Chicago skyline. We will organize an optional Architectural boat tour and a night in one of Chicago's famous Blues clubs.

I will be opening a thread on the forum shortly to discuss this pre-event in Chicago and also a thread about the optional tours to Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, Taliesin and a trip to Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaines' home, "Ten Chimneys."

Space is still available for all of you who were holding off registering in anticipation of Leonard's touring. Let's all kick off the start of the Summer Fall "Old Ideas" tour by getting together first in Madison.

Joe & Anne


Dear Friends,

It is the beginning of February and we have 77 people now registered for the event. We have sufficient funds to put together a very nice program for those who will be able to attend. One of the new highlights is that I am working on securing historic Music Hall as the venue for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Music Hall has spectacular acoustics and is the 5th oldest building on the University of Wisconsin campus. We have also made arrangements for the Music Professor who is the University, "Carilloneur" to play some Leonard Cohen songs on the historic Carillon Bell tower that is one of the campus landmarks. It is most likely the first time that Leonard's music will have been performed on a Carillon. I continue to work with some excellent local musicians and Ali Hughes has told me that it is very likely that she will be able to attend and perform "Leonard Cohen Koans" which was very highly reviewed in its off Broadway debut last September. I've heard a recording of it and it is terrific.

It appears that our numbers will be a little lower than we had hoped, but I fully expect that more people will register as time goes on. This does mean that our gathering will be a little more intimate, but just as fun and just as special. We are still working with some other musicians and we hope to have some surprises, but I am very confident that the programs will be excellent.

For the last couple of events, our friend, Andrew Darbyshire coordinated the "Open Microphone" sessions. Andrew, it appears will not be able to attend. I'm hoping that someone will volunteer to fill this role. Please contact me if you are willing to do this. I am also very open to suggestions, so please feel free to email me. If you sent a check and I don't have your email address, please contact me at jbway9333@gmail.com. We will continue to work hard and put together an excellent event. We'll have more updates in the near future as we start to plan the pre-event in Chicago etc.

All good things,

Joe & Anne

Registration to the Event is now open!!

Registration Fee

  • The registration fee is US$175.00.

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  • How to pay the registration Fee?

  • All participants who hold a US bank account, please send check! It should be made out to "Leonard Cohen Events, Inc." and mailed to the address below. Please enclose your email address so that your payment can be confirmed. (If you didn't and have't got the confirmation, please contact Joe at jbway9333@gmail.com.

    Joe Way
    6509 Lani Lane
    McFarland, WI 53558

    Please note: while we encourage people from the U. S. to send a check, you are also free to use the Paypal account (though it will cost us more money).

  • All others MUST pay via PayPal. We do NOT accept foreign checks/money orders. Please use the buttons below.
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  • Accommodation at The Lowell Center Here is a link for you to access the online reservation system for The Lowell Center. We've made a block of 106 rooms beginning on August 1, 2012 and including Monday, August 6th for anyone staying a little later. You can adjust the arrival and departure dates to suit your schedule.

    Use this link to the information page from The Lowell Center website with some photos and a youtube video tour of the Lowell Center. The Lowell Center is not a dormitory, and all of the guest rooms have bathrooms that are "en suite." The Lowell Center, because it is operated by the University of Wisconsin does not charge tax and the lodging price includes an expanded continental breakfast with breakfast meats and a make your own waffle station.

    We also have links here on The Forum to some websites of hotels that are near here for anyone who wishes to stay elsewhere.

    Names of Participants

    Names of our registrants will be shown here!!
    (in alphabetical order)

    ... Aafink, Mary - Canada (ON)
    ... Arjatsalo, Jarkko & Eija - Finland
    ... Bacon-Smith, Elizabeth - USA (FL)
    ... Baron, Rosemarie - USA (FL)
    ... Buczkowski, Mary and George - USA (OH)
    ... Elkoni, Avi - USA (ML)
    ... Farebrother, Sue - UK
    ... Granberg, Even & Asttveit, Helga
    ... Harrington Fiona & friend - UK
    ... Gompers, Geoff & Donna - USA (PA)
    ... Grorud, Emily & Jim - USA (WI)
    ... Hafferty, Laura - USA (TX)
    ... Henriques, Sheila - Canada (BC)
    ... Hiljanen, Sinikka - Finland
    ... Heydt, John & Ann - USA (MN)
    ... Kirby, Tracey & Knott, James - Australia
    ... Kloberdanz, John - USA (NY)
    ... Kloss, Hans & Gutschmidt-Kloss, Caren - Germany
    ... Kurzweil, Ken & Sunday, Suzanne - USA (NY)
    ... Lehan, Charlotte - USA (OR)
    ... Lowe, Todd & Carson, Kerri - USA (TN)
    ... Massa, Eddy & Mechiels, Ann - Belgium
    ... Massa, Maarten - Belgium
    ... Meloni, David - USA (NJ)
    ... Michalski, Stan & Sally - USA (PA)
    ... Nehl, Emily & Raymond - USA (NY)
    ... Nordstrom, Darlene - USA (AZ)
    ... Podebradska, Vlasta - The Czech Republic
    ... Robinson, Jane - UK
    ... Shertzman, Valerie - USA (CA)
    ... Showalter, Bob & Carol - USA (WI)
    ... Silver, Vern - Canada (ON)
    ... Simmons, Sylvie- USA (CA)
    ... Spencer, Shirley - Canada (QE)
    ... Stein, Evelyn - Canada (ON)
    ... Straub, Dick & Linda - USA (NJ)
    ... Tanahashi, Yoshio & Keiko - Japan
    ... Topel, Sandy & Howard - USA (IL)
    ... Way, Joe & Anne - USA (WI)

    Latest update July 26, 2012

    Cancellation Policy:
    Refunds will be available for 50% of the registration fee from Feb. 1, 2012 to May 1, 2012. After May 1, 2012, there will not be refunds, but all of the event items will be given to anyone forced to cancel after that time.

    Additional Happenings
    We are planning a pre-event happening in Chicago around July 30-31, that will include an architectural boat tour and an evening in a Chicago Blues club. Chicago is in close proximity to Madison and is a convenient entry point for those traveling from outside North America. We will also offer an excursion to Taliesen in Spring Green, WI-home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright on either August 6 or 7 after the event. We would highly recommend that you consider these additions to the main event.

    Event Program
    While Leonard will not be in Madison for the Event (he will be here in spirit), the committee is planning a program that will include some great performers and other entertaining segments. We are still working with Anjani and hope to include a concert of hers. We hope to make arrangements with Conspiracy of Beards, the San Francisco a cappela group, Stefan Mork who performed so well in Krakow, and Sylvie Simmons with her great Ukulele versions of Leonard's songs along with other performers.

    Don't miss this Very Special Event!
    Because of venue sizes, we will be limited to 250 participants, so please register early!

    The campus setting will be ideal for renewing old acquaintances and making new friends. Madison has a beautiful, natural setting on an isthmus between two lakes with a picturesque Capitol, the wonderful Memorial Union Terrace, abundant restaurants, vibrant State Street with great shops and clubs, many terrific museums and galleries and the world class University of Wisconsin.

    We know that this will be a very memorable event that you won't want to miss!

    More information and details will be posted on this page!

    Joe and Anne Way

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    The Madison Event at the Forum

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    Original Invitation by Joe and Anne Way

    Dear friends, In 1998, a group of Cohen fans gathered for the first International Leonard Cohen Event in Lincoln, United Kingdom. This was followed by an even more International event in Leonard's hometown of Montreal in 2000. We are now making preparations for 8th International Event scheduled for August 2-5, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin which my wife Anne & I are thrilled to be able to host.

    We were not able to make the first two events and joined the group in Hydra, Greece in 2002. From that point forward we have made so many close friends that the description of a "fan gathering" does not evoke the correct feelings. To paraphrase Leonard, it is a gathering of a much deeper order. One of the great things about these events is the opportunity to make even more new friends as we welcome new comers as well as long time participants. With the great energy that Leonard's recent touring has generated, and the enthusiasm that is being created by the anticipated new album, we feel confident that we will be able to put together a program that will have much interest for all of our participants.

    Anne & I are very proud to invite you to the great city of Madison and its many attractions like State Street and the Capitol Square with its weekend farmer's market. There are more restaurants per capita in Madison than just about any place in this country.

    Madison's natural setting on the isthmus between beautiful Lake Mendota and Lake Monona will be a perfect place to enjoy each others company and Leonard's music and works. The picturesque University of Wisconsin Campus will be the headquarters for our event and we will use many of its venues.

    We hope to plan some pre and post-tour events including something in the city of Chicago which is in the vicinity.

    Anne & I are joined by a terrific committee of people some of whom have taken part in events in the past and others to whom this will be their first event. The committee has been working very hard and will have more information out to you in the next couple of months along with the opportunity to register for the event.

    All good things,


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