Marc Hendrickx & Yasmine

Marc Hendrickx & Henk Hofstede

Title Yesterday's Tomorrow
Author Marc Hendrickx & Yasmine (1st edition)
Marc Hendrickx & Henk Hofstede (2nd edition)
Country & Year Belgium / Holland 2004 (1st edition)
Belgium / Holland 2005 (2nd edition)
Publisher Uitgeverij Van Halewyck (1st edition)
United Media Company (2nd edition)
Pages 138 (in Dutch)
Notes ISBN: 90 5617 609 9 (1st edition)
ISBN: 90 8669 001 7 (2nd edition)
Summary "This is no milestone, no turning point, no 'definite biography'. Here you will not find an artist's life, put into words, but a confrontation. Notions. Variations on a successful, convincing bring into equilibrium of humor and tragedy, of ambitious dreams and pathetic failures. These covers hold no pretentious literature at all - it is humble. Literature, pure and simple. Direct answers are not to be found. More often than not, those are the wrong answers anyway. A 'sentimental journey'? Maybe, if you succeed in mentally erasing the negative connotation sentimentality evokes. In one way or another, the label does fit this little story. After all, it does deal with the literal and philosophical experiences of wandering livesand the gnawing feeling that the part of those lives cast in shadow outlines their pattern far sharper than their light side. Carefully it registers the result of little inwardly and external explosions, offering details a welcome enlargement while seemingly suggesting an existence with more human kindness, bereft of idle romanticism. Throughout the years, Leonard Cohen often times stated to consider writing to be a choice of life. Here, on this page, I openly profess the same conviction." - Marc Hendrickx

CD supplement to the 1st edition: 15 Leonard Cohen songs, performed by Yasmine and orchestra. Click here for track listing.

CD supplement to the 2nd edition: 9 Leonard Cohen songs plus one tribute song, performed by Henk Hofstede and band. Click here for track listing.


Marc Hendrickx

Title Leonard Cohen, Yesterday's Tomorrow - A highly original look back and forward
Author Marc Hendrickx
Country & Year UK 2020 (2nd edition)
Publisher Bookline & Thinker, UK
Pages 99 (in English)
Notes 9781916410350
Summary An update edition of the English translation (see below), with the addition of a brief introduction on the ‘why’ behind the appearance of the initial book and a longer closing chapter, focusing on the incredible years that followed, with Leonard Cohen’s return to the stage and his subsequent massive worldwide success.

Title Yesterday's Tomorrow - Leonard Cohen
Author Marc Hendrickx
Country & Year Australia 2008
Publisher Brandl & Schlesinger
Pages 165
Notes ISBN 978-1-876040-77-2
Summary English translation of the original book.
Translated by Ann Marie Sauer.

Title Leonard Cohen - Un buscador de la verdad
Author Marc Hendrickx
Country & Year Spain 2008
Publisher Milenio
Pages 144 (small pocket format)
Notes ISBN 978-84-9743-236-8
Summary Spanish translation of the original book

Title Leonard Cohen - O eterno regresso
Author Marc Hendrickx
Country & Year Portugal 2008
Publisher Coleccao figura de estilo
Pages 143
Notes ISBN 978-989-8174-11-6
Summary Portuguese translation of the original book.
Translated by Ana Leonor Duarte.