Niels Midjord

Faroe Islands, 2013

1. Sum Ein Fuglur - Bird On a Wire
2. Farvæl Mariann - So Long Marianne
3. Har Eru Wingi Ráð Ímóti Ást - Ain't No Cure
4. Halleluja - Hallelujah
5. Søgan Um Ísak - Story Of Isaac
6. Gestirnir - The Guests
7. Sanna - Suzanne
8. Dansa Meg Til Kærleikans Trom - Dance Me To The End Of Love
9. Í Nát Ert Tú Mín - Tonight Will Be Fine
10. Tak Ein Vals - Take This Waltz

All songs in Faroese. Credits: Niels Midjord (vocals, guitar, cover design, harmonica, translation). Nicolina Midjord (vocals). Baldur Kampmann (piano, recording, mixing and mastering engineer).
Tutl Records, Faroe Islands, 2013

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The Faroe Islands are an archipelago between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Norway and Iceland, with a population of approximately 49,000. The islands are an autonomous country within Denmark.
Thanks to Jørn Lansby and Kristian Blak for the information,
and to Niels Midjord for the photo.