Never expected
to be loved at all
for salvaging Sex
and blunting the Fall

for salvaging Sex
from out of the books
(the authors perplexed
by Love´s ravaged looks)

for salvaging Sex
from all kinds of blame
and giving it back
it´s very good Name

for salvaging Sex
from I don´t know where
If I knew the tricks
it wouldn´t be fair

It wouldn´t be fair
to be wise and sane
and make the world care
if I came back again

I´ve worked at my work
I´ve slept at my sleep
I´ve died at my death
and now I can leave

leave what is needed
and leave what is full
Need in the Spirit
and need in the Hole

Beloved, I´m yours
as I´ve always been
from marrow to pore
from longing to skin

Now that my mission
has come to its end:
pray I´m forgiven
the life that I´ve led

The Body I chased
It chased me as well
My longing´s a place
My dying a sail

April 14, 1998

Copyright © 1998 by Leonard Cohen.
Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.