Bobbie Chalou and Marc Rigrodsky

Bobbie Chalou and Marc Rigrodsky who, rumors to the contrary, are not incestuous twins, "volunteered" to present Leonard with the Event's official gifts on occasion of his upcoming seventieth birthday. The Great Man being absent, the gifts were given to his surrogate, the Famous Blue Raincoat. The gifts consisted of a coffee mug and a tee shirt emblazoned with "My Fans Went To NYC And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt", not a Cartier watch or a platinum record. The Raincoat seemed less than overwhelmed with the gifts and, when questioned, was speechless. This was surprising because, being torn at the shoulder, he was expected to be unflappable. Nevertheless, the Raincoat did offer advice and bon mots loosely based on Mr. Cohen's words to a stunned audience . Some mirth ensued. While Ms. Chalou and Mr. Rigrodsky apologize for smudging the air with their shtick, reports indicate they are already brushing up on their fake German accents. - Marc

Special thanks to Elizabeth Hoffman who helped all those months ago in giving birth to the idea for Leonard's birthday celebration - hats off to you, Elizabeth.. wish you could have been with all of us in New York. - Bobbie

Birthday song by Michael Wolkind and Chorus
...Tony Masalonis,Jeannie Burgess, James Walker...

...Tom Bohan, Marianne de Groot, Joe Way, Vern Silver,
Heather Salisbury, Tony again...

Photos © 2004 Eija and Jarkko Arjatsalo
Text by Marc Rigrodsky and Bobbie Chalou