Photo from Jannifer Warnes’s website
Thank you for including me in your wonderful celebration of Leonard's life and work this coming June. And thank you for directing me to Jarkko Arjatsalo's site, so comprehensively and beautifully presented!

I'm sorry, I won't be able to come to New York. I am finishing a DVD that (hopefully, if stay on track)) will be released this summer, and my schedule can't handle a trip to New York in June.

Leonard is an extraordinary lighthouse in my heart too , his beam is so very rare and clear and piercing. His insight has not only illuminated some of my darkest weather, but I can't imagine the course of my life without his influence.

Whatever can be spoken, Leonard will find the truest way to say it. This is not due to an accident of nature, nor just hard work. He simply sees farther than most of us. I am terribly blessed to have found him when I was young. His extraordinary presence, gave me a high marker to steer by. I am not alone in this blessing, and you're right, it is time to properly thank him and to celebrate him for putting his life on the line. He did that. He is still doing that.

Have a wonderful long party, knowing that he is in very good health, and entering a new greater era of wisdom and productivity. Lift a cup of tea (hey, I'm a singer, we drink tea) in his honor, for me.

In spirit,

Jennifer Warnes

Photo from Anjani’s website
Things I can say about L. Cohen:

1. Every good thing you've heard about Leonard is quite possibly true- that's how great he is. The rest is ancient history, speculation, delusion or a secret.

2. No one has a total read on the man, except for the rare occasions when I do.

3. He has recently opted for a black and white tweed newsboy cap over the grey fedora.

Although I'll never be able to fully express how grateful I am for Leonard's presence in my life, at least our work together speaks for itself.

May all of you enjoy a rich and rewarding celebration for an artist who deserves this honor and so many more.

With great love,