Graeme Allwright has covered 13 Leonard Cohen’s songs.
This popular singer-songwriter was born in New Zealand
but has been living in France for a long time.
He sings mostly in French.

Graeme Allwright Chante Leonard Cohen

This is Graeme's original tribute to Cohen. The songs were recorded at
Studios des Dames in Paris in 1972 and 1973. Mercury 6325 600. France 1973.
1. Demain sera bien 3:55(Tonight will be fine)
2. L'homme de l'an passe 7:15 (Last year's man)
3. Suzanne 4:05
4. L'Etranger 5:15 (Stranger Song)

5. Diamants dans la mine 3:55 (Diamonds in the mine)
6. Vagabonde 2:45 (Winter Lady)
7. Les soeurs de la misericorde 4:10 (Sisters of mercy)
8. Jeanne d'Arc 5:55 (Joan of Arc)
9. Avalanche 4:55

Available on CD:

Suzanne, vol. 3

1. Suzanne
2. Lover, lover, lover
3. L'Etranger (Stranger Song)
4. Danse-moi vers la fin de l'amour (Dance me to the end of love)
5. Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)
6. Les soeurs de la misericorde (Sisters of mercy)
7. De passage (Passing thru)
8. Avalanche
9. Vagabonde (Winter Lady)
10. Demain sera bien (Tonight will be fine)
11. Si c'est ta volonte (If it be your will)

(12-18 other songs, not by Cohen)

This CD is a part of the 3 CD-Box "Les retrouvailles",
but is also available separately as "Suzanne, vol. 3".
Philips Reedition 1991 by Phonogram, made in France by P.D.O. 848 178-2 VOL.3

Sacree bouteille

6. Lover lover lover 3:21
8. Diamants dans la mine 3:47 (Diamonds in the mine)
10. L'homme de l'an passe 7:11 (Last year's man)
11. Vagabonde 3:56 (Winter lady)

This compilation CD of 14 songs was isued in 1994 by Karusell France/Phonogram.
Spectrum Music 550 166-2. Made in France by PMDC.

Graeme Allwright en concert

4. Demain sera bien 5:03 (Tonight will be fine)
9. Suzanne 4:49
10. L’Etranger 4:31 (Stranger song)
13. Danse-moi vers la fin de l’amour 5:23 (Dance me to the end of love)

This cassette of 17 songs was issued in 1993. ADE 531, cat. # 983 134.

More about Graeme: connect with the
Graeme Allwright site of Patrice Clos

Suzanne (3:08)

by Francoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy recorded Graeme Allwright's translation
of "Suzanne" as early as in 1968 for Asparagus label.
The song has been reissued in 1995 on the CD
"Comments te dire adieu" (Virgin 7243 8 40638 2).

Thanks to Adi Heindl (Germany), Serge Mironneau (France),
Cheng-yi Chan (Taiwan), and Patrice Clos (France) for help.