[Songs of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits]

by Rebecca Nash and Rosalie Genay

UK 2013


1. You Know Who I Am 04:59
2. Green Grass 03:28
3. If It Be Your Will 04:33
4. Suzanne 04:13
5. Sins Of My Father 04:25
6. The Family Of Things 05:50
7. Who By Fire 06:24
8. Yesterday Is Here 06:00
9. Bird On A Wire 05:12
10. Suzanne 04:16

Songs 1, 5, 6, 8 by Tom Waits, all other songs by Leonard Cohen.
Song 10 in Dutch, all others in English.

Released by Realms, UK 2013
CD, download, Spotify

"Realms is an intriguing collaboration between pianist Rebecca Nash and singer Rosalie Genay, two artists who share a fascination and fondness for the songs of contemporary lyrical legends Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen. Together they embarked on a journey to arrange some of these remarkable pieces, including less well-known songs amongst the more popular ones, setting them as imaginative new reworkings."

Thanks to Flavio Poltronieri for the information.