Items released to promote the first set
of remastered albums (Spring 2007)

Vinyl single

Picture sleeve vinyl single, originally
released in Spain in 1971 (Cat # CBS 7522)
Side A: So long Marianne
Side B: Pajaro en el alambre (Bird on the wire)
Reissued by Sony BMG in EU/US
Cat # LC02523

CD sampler "Classic album reissues"

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CD sampler "Poet, Novelist, Pop Star, Legend"

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Limited edition promotional sampler (1500 copies printed).

CD sampler and EPK on DVD
"Leonard Cohen - Re-issues"

Disc one has the following tracks: Suzanne - Hey, that's no way to say goodbye - So long, Marianne - Bird on the wire - Famous blue raincoat - I'm your man - Everybody knows - Democracy - Closing time - Hallelujah

The DVD has an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) - a 3 minute summary of Leonard and his work, compiled from the existing video footage and song clips. According to the EPK there are 700 cover versions of Leonard's songs - while we have listed 1300 of them!!!

Thanks to Penny Morgan and Mandy Eidgah at Sony for the CDs
and to Dominique Boile for information!