The Tractor Tavern, January 4, 1998

A Leonard Cohen tribute night was arranged on January 4th 1998 at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, Washington, USA. Benefits were donated to the Sweet Relief Musicians fund. The lineup included: The Walkabouts, Gerald Collier, Marc Olsen, The black Cat Quintet, Jim and Jesse Sykes, Michael Schuler, Harvey Danger, Darren Loucas, Phineas Gage, Scott McCaughey, Gus, Ellery Jett, and Gary Heffern.

Wow! I went to the Leonard Cohen Tribute last night. It was a benefit for a low-cost health insurance fund. It was a marathon five hours of different musicians and bands, each singing one to three Leonard Cohen tunes. Just inspiring. I woke up with L. Cohen songs in my head. Thanks very much for the heads up on this event. (Art's report taken from the L.C. Newsgroup)

The tribute night was a great success! We sold out the club: 405 tickets were sold, and many were turned away at the door. The show was a bit of a logistical nightmare, with 15 different acts, and a few musicians unwilling to use the backline equiptment, but overall I think it went over very well. We still had at least 200 in the audience when the show ended at 1:30 am (on a Sunday night!). Anne Marie Ruljancich.

Thanks to Anne Marie for the information, video and the tribute shirt!