(BEFORE 2000)

Hazel Field had taken these photos already in 1979 during
the Recent Songs tour, but it took more than 20 years
before Sony Music Entertainment included it in the 2001 promo kit
to advertise the Field Commander Cohen live album

Leonard Cohen with Suzanne Vega at the Carnegie Hall
- promo photo shot during Cohen's 1988 I'm Your Man tour.
Discributed by CSB Columbia. No photo credit.
The scan has been slightly cropped.

Promo photo distributed by Atlantic Records as
a part of the I'm Your Fan press kit (1991).

This photo was distributed by Columbia
to promote the Cohen Live album in 1994
Photo credit: Scott Newton, Austin City Limits

This photo was distributed by A&M Records
to promote the Tower of Song tribute album in 1995
Photo credit: Dennis Keeley 9/95

Promo photo of Atlantic Records. No year given

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Photos from the collections of Dominique Boile and Jarkko Arjatsalo
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