March 31, 2007

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Anjani and Leonard Live in Warsaw

Ready for the concert! First row, from the left: Anna Pfeiffer, Marek and Malgorzata Leonowicz,
Joanna Turkowska, Alicja and Kazimierz Sak. Back row: Andrzej Pfeiffer, Mirek and Anna Dworniczak,
Sebastian and Agnieszka Korta, Justyna Galant.

On the way to Radio Trojka. Webmasters of Polish LC sites together for the first time!
From the left: Pawel Gorny, Mirek Dworniczak, Andrzej Pfeiffer, Sebastian Korta

"There are no words to express how happy and satisfied we are because of being with all of you lucky ones at the concert in Trojka. Gathering of LC fans, heart-pounding concert, meeting Anjani who treated us like old friends and personal encounter with Leonard, all this made 31.03.2007 one of most important days in our life."

- Agnieszka and Sebastian Korta, Cracow.

Below: Ignacy Leonard Korta with his book!

Above: Justyna Galant, Lublin

On the right: Magda Umer and Daniel Wyszogrodzki, both from Warsaw.
Daniel translated Book of Longing into Polish. Magda is a well-known singer and journalist.

Below: Mirek Dworniczak and daughter Anna, Poznan

"...Just to sum up my emotions after the extraordinary meeting. Now I know why Leonard loves hummingbirds - Anjani seems to be as delicate and beautiful as a hummingbird. As for Leonard himself - when you approach him, you seem to be under the influence of something unreal. What has striken me the most - he is really listening to you, and you are really important to him. He looks straight in your eyes and this look is very warm, gentle, wise."

- Mirek Dworniczak

Read Mirek's complete concert report here. (The link takes you to the Leonard Cohen Forum).

In the front, from left: Agnieszka Ksenia Wojtanowska, Justyna Galant, Anjani, Agnieszka Korta
Back row boys: Sebastian Korta, Pawel Gorny, Jarkko Arjatsalo

"Leonard was so modest and warm and seemed so close to all of us. To listen to his voice "live" was an experience words (at least my words) cannot describe. And then Anjani, modest too, charming and so girlish, with her voice that, as Cohen put it, comes from the heart. It really does. I could listen to her forever and had a feeling that my world can be better and more complete. It may seem childish but I did feel that way. I loved watching her face, watching her move, not like a great star, but like herself, without a pose, without a mask. And again, the duets made me happier than I can describe. And then there was a personal meeting with Leonard and Anjani after the concert, and I think all of us who experienced it have very intimate memories not easily shared."

- Joanna Turkowska
Kevin and Michelle Roddy (UK) won concert tickets to the Warsaw show in the drawing on Anjani's website

Artur Jarosinski (on the right) and Agnieszka Ksenia Wojtanowska with companion Zbyszek.

Vlad Arghir, Germany/Rumania, waiting for his turn.
"Everyone wanted Cohen to sign something, or wanted to have a photo with him. When I entered to the room, I told my name, but when I sat down, I said: 'I do not have anything to sign, and I do not want to have a photo with You. I only want to spend 15 seconds next to You'. He was really suprised! And during the whole meeting, we were looking into each other eyes - this is what I wanted - to remember his eyes. I am glad I have no photo nor signature - (what is photo for? do You want it to adore someone - or to adore yourself?) but I know I will remember his eyes."

- Pawel Gorny

Justyna Galant, Agnieszka Ksenia Wojtanowska, Eija Arjatsalo, Anjani, Agnieszka Korta

Photos on this page received from Pawel Gorny, Justyna Galant, Agnieszka and Sebastian Korta,
Eija and Jarkko Arjatsalo, Mirek Dworniczak, Kevin Roddy, Agnieszka Ksenia Wojtanowska