Anjani's debut album (May 2000)

Track listing:
here and now
how i love you
angel by your side
shelter for my soul
queen of your heart
ties that bind
ain't foolin' no one
over you
what's left of our dream
the spirit of love
silver diamonds

"The CD debut by acclaimed singer/songwriter/keyboardist, Anjani, is now available through Lilikoi Music. This lovely Hawaii-born performer offers an impressive collection of originals, with elements of folk, pop and world music. It's challenging to single out a signature tune, for she glides through a variety of genres with finesse and authenticity. Anjani projects freshness and hope in the upbeat, "Here and Now." In the torchy jazz ballad "Over You," she delves into the hard times of love. "Kanaloa," a moving duet with Henry Kapono, pays tribute to the island of Kaho'olawe. "Anjani" is a soundtrack for life that gives subtly but transforms profoundly".

. For more information, visit Anjani's homepage or order the album from Lilikoi Music, P.O.B. 31624 Manoa Station, Honolulu, Hawaii 96839. Cassette $10, CD $15. Shipping & handling 1-2 copies - add 2.00, 3 or more copies - add 4.00, and 6+ copies add 6.00. International shipping & handling add 5.00 per item. Also available from

Anjani tells about her work with Leonard Cohen:

"Canada's poet laureat, Leonard Cohen, is a folk singing icon from the 60's, along with Joni, Judy, and Bob. If you haven't seen him in concert, and if he ever tours again, go. It is a profound experience, I promise. American audiences are just now beginning to revere him in the manner Europeans do. He has a mesmerizing, low pitched voice, that reminds me of Buddhist chanters. These days, you can hear Leonard's music on the radio, in soundtracks, and on the ubiquitous tribute album by rock stars who are avowed fans of his. In '84, I was hired on a background vocal date for "Various Positions". When it came time to promote the album, producer John Lissauer recommended me for the singer/keyboardist chair. To be honest, back then I didn't know much about Leonard--although I'd heard and loved Roberta Flack's cover of "Suzanne". But I learned who he was real quick. I'm not kidding when I say Leonard's fans worship him. For one week in Poland, I was assigned a bodyguard--the same one who protected the Pope. At the first concert in Warsaw, our 7pm downbeat was delayed for two hours, while police filtered out 3,000 people with counterfeit tickets. Distraught fans surrounded the tour bus, craning their necks for a glimpse of Leonard through the dusty windows; pleading and crying his name. I gained new respect for their poet--a man who has walked through the fire and lived to tell. That was in the days when I had a touch of Berklee Syndrome, known as the irresistible urge to drop jazz riffs in all the spaces. We laugh about it now, but Leonard was trying to teach me the value of silence; because, as he humbly puts it, "Great musicians can easily overwhelm a non-singer like me." Leonard is happy with life these days. Fresh tulips brighten a kitchen altar, where a picture of Mother Mary sits next to a Buddha figurine. He is a gracious host, offering visitors everything from a dip in the jacuzzi to an eclectic selection of popsicles. I seek his advice on spiritual matters from time to time. He usually suggests dinner as the perfect solution. He is usually right. May I add that he is the only man I know who serves up macaroni and cheese with an '83 Chateau LaTour."

Anjani on Leonard Cohen's albums: Various Positions, I'm Your Man, The Future
Tour with Leonard Cohen: Various Positions Tour 1984-85
Recent collaboration: improvisations and background vocals on "Villanelle for our time" (A Tribute to F.R.Scott, a reading by Leonard Cohen, May 1999).

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Photo © by Franco Salmoiraghi, Honolulu, Hawaii. Used with permission.