Kalvoya, Norway, 1985. Photo © by Anne Riise.

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Tours 1967-1993

Tours of Leonard Cohen - we list every tour and city, also all known venues and set lists!

Concert Memories

Warsaw 1985 story by Daniel Wyszogrodzki Warsaw 1985 transcription by Artur Jarocinski

Concert Photos

Paris 1972 by Claude Gassian
Germany 1976-1979 by Peter Barthel
Paris 1976 by Albert Labbouz
Bruxelles 1979 by Marc Zwysen
Edinburgh 1979 by Alan Wilson
Warsaw 1985 by Andrzej Kielbowicz
Kalv�ya 1985 by Hans Arne Nakrem
Milan 1988 by Mariano Brustio
Berlin 1993 by Vlad Arghir
Milan 1993 by Thomas Krismer

Contributions to these pages are appreciated; if you have great shots let Jarkko know!


On the road with Leonard
All musicians listed by Jim Devlin

Leonard Cohen, the Medicine Man
Tom McMorran tells how Cohen cured him during the 1988 world tour...

The story of "C"
How Anjani Thomas found Leonard's chord

The Ladies

Jennifer Warnes
Perla Batalla
Julie Christensen
Anjani Thomas
Sharon Robinson
Leanne Ungar