"Joan of Arc" by Chyi

Joan of Arc, duet with Reggie Verghese 7:56

Chyi's album "Paradise Bird" was released in Taiwan in 1988
by Rock Record & Tape, cat. # RD-3004

Chyi sings all the songs on this album in English.
Usually she uses Chinese (Mandarin). Chyi is a popular
Taiwanese singer, married to a Native-Taiwanese,
namely an aboriginal, whose ancestors suffer a fate
similar to the American Indians.

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Songs by Farhad Mehrad

We have now a special page dedicated to the songs of Farhad Mehrad

"Hey, that's no way to say goodbye" by Kimito Itoh

Kimito Itoh sings in English. The song is on her album "A touch of Love" (1986)

"Dance me to the end of love" by Yoon Sol-Ha

A Korean version of Cohen's song was re-titled "A mute violin"
The album (Cat # of the cassette version is MDLC-0036) was released in mid-1990s.


Cohen songs by Esther Ofarim

are featured on a special page

"Suzan(ne)" by Hanan Yovel

Hanan Yovel's Hebrew version of Suzan(ne) is on the album "Hanan Yovel",
produced by Hed Arzi, the Israel Records Manufacturing Co. Ltd,
Ramat Gan, Israel, # BAN 14421, issued in 1974.

"Bird on a wire" by Sdot Jeroqim

Kmo tsippor 'al tel (Like a bird on the wire)
on the album "Mishtatfei Sdot Jeroqim". Released in the 1970s.

"Bird on a wire" by Tiki Dayan

Kmo tsippor 'al tel (Like a bird on the wire)
on the album "Shelchem Lesha'a Qala" ("Your for a little while")
Released in 1973.

"Bird on a wire" by Reuveni Dorit

Bird on a wire/Ke Tzipor Al ta-il was released in (about 1983).
Album title not known.

"Famous blue raincoat" by Sharon Lifshitz

Me'il hageshem hakachol (Famous blue raincoat)
on the album "Kav ha'osher" (Thread of happiness).
Produced by Hezardi Records in Israel in 1993, Cat # 15565.