on September 3, 2005

This site was launched on September 3, 1995. We have registered more than 4 million hits to the front page. A really international community has been born, with activities in many countries, including Leonard Cohen Events every two years somewhere in the world. All this has been possible thanks to the magnificent support from Leonard!

Winners of our Birthday Draw:

Anjani was our Lady Fortune. She picked up the winners in Los Angeles on Monday. Here we go:

1) Book of Longing, the forthcoming book of poetry and drawings: Larry Kraft, USA (VT)
2) Print of one of the drawings in the book: Wojciech Rydel, Chile
3) Original The Future tour shirt (1993): Jade Nevejans, Belgium
All these autographed and donated by Leonard for this purpose. [The first prize will be mailed after the book has been published in early 2006].
4-5) Turning in, album by Tracie de Jong (including Hallelujah), donated by the artist: Richard Baines, Canada (ON) and Bobbie Chalou, USA (VA)

Congratulations to the Winners and thanks to all participants!!!



Leonard Cohen with webmaster Jarkko Arjatsalo
(Los Angeles, June 1999)

This website has been on the Net since September 3rd, 1995. Our webcounter on the front page shows the number of visitors - half a million in September 2001 and one million in April 2004. Soon we will be able to announce 1,5 million visitors!

  • Our Man Leonard Cohen - for everything, not just the music and poetry but continuous encouragement, friendship, and support. Leonard's countless contributions to the Blackening Pages and other sections of this website are something unique... And to his managers and co-workers, former and present... Special thank-yous to Anjani and Lorca for their recent contributions to The Files!

    May I express my gratitude to some of you who have been sending contributions for many years. Unfortunately it is impossible to list here all of you who have helped me to create The Leonard Cohen Files. The individual pages have full credits and references.

  • My family - my wife Eija and son Rauli - for their incessant support and understanding

  • Marie Mazur, Patrice Clos, Christof Graf, Tom Sakic and Jurica Staresincic (all hosts of other major, international sites), and webmasters of local Cohen sites - I have enjoyed working in close collaboration with you for so many years!

  • Dick & Linda Straub and Adi Heindl for their fundamental support and contributions

  • Jim Devlin, Christof Graf, Stephen Scobie, Ira B Nadel, Juergen Jaensch, Vlad Arghir, Judith Fitzgerald, and T F Rigelhof - all are authors of many books and articles on Cohen - for their knowledge they have shared with us

  • Rudi Schmid, Cheng-yi Chan, Judith Braun, Geoff Gompers, Karen Weitzner, Herve Cesard, Andrea Dolfino, Elizabeth Bacon-Smith, Willy and Wijbe Lageveen, and Anne Mitchell for help and encouragement (and countless emails!), and Geoffrey Wren and Michael Wolkind for their boundless imagination

  • Anne Riise, Peter Mangold, and Ken Kurzweil for help in building the list of over 3000 cover versions of Leonard's songs, and Andy Jones and Dominique Boile for sharing so many rare collectors' items with us

  • Lizzie Madder, Chris Bolton, Bill van Dyk, Bobbie Chalou, Anne Jayne, Dick Straub, Henning Franz, Demetris Tsimperis, Geoff Gompers, Joe Way, Valerie Shertzman, Andrea Dolfino, Andrew Darbyshire, and other members of the organizing committees of Leonard Cohen Events all over the world, including Ania Nowakowska and Kadir Ercan, our skillful graphic designers. Special thanks to Jan-Erik Lundqvist, Suzanne Holland, and all other fine performers at our Events in Lincoln, Montreal, Hydra, and New York; and to Linda Straub, Willy & Wijbe Lageveen, Kim Solez and Eija Arjatsalo who have recorded those unforgettable moments for us.

  • Yvonne Hakze and Bea de Konig (editors of Intensity and organizers of the first LC meetups), who, just like Jim Devlin, were pioneers in collecting Leonard Cohen archives

  • Late Sandy Merriman, Rob Robillard, and Andrea W Janett, who all were devoted Cohenites and great friends

  • Members of The Leonard Cohen Newsgroup, The Leonard Cohen Forum & The Leonard Cohen Chatroom for continuous initiatives and inspiration

  • All of you who have sent me details, pictures, collectibles, titles of cover versions, news items, works of art inspired by Leonard... Without your contributions these pages would look dull!

  • and to all of you I have met at various Cohen meetups around the world - looking forward to our next get-together!!!

    Your ideas, news and opinions are appreciated!


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    Eija and Jarkko Arjatsalo at the Hydra Meetup, 2005

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