Words by Leonard Cohen

Music by Henning Franz

01. Welcome to these lines
02. Crying, come back, hero
03. Fastidious dwarf
04. Great envious heart
05. I am dying
06. Crime against love
07. The artist and his room
08. It gets dark at four
09. Moan for me
10. No traitors
11. Wisdom
12. Prayer

Henning Franz: Vocals, Guitar on 3-10-12
Lino Olizzo: Instruments, Arrangements, Technical supply
Release Date: September 4, 2003

Click to hear Wisdom (in MP3, playing time 3:15),
a poem by Leonard Cohen (from The Energy of Slaves)
composed and performed by Henning Franz

Henning's remark: This is a non-commercial project.
Listening to the songs, you have to accept scratches,
the noise that a door makes, inadequate stressing,
curious pronouncation, forgotten words, senseless
change of the original text... If you still want to
try your luck and would like to order a copy of the
album, please email Henning at

(Courtesy of the Tea And Oranges website)
Used here with permission.

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Last revised on September 16, 2003