© 2001 Valery Milovic (Acrylic and Collage on Canvas, 16 x 20 inches)

Inspiration 2011-

Portraits etc
Ring the Bells

Portraits of Leonard Cohen

These portraits have been created by:
Vicki Perlman
Trevor Neal
Juergen Jaensch
Patrice Hamilton
Alexandra Fortier
Wilfrid Dube
Michel Karam
Martin Beek
Lori Kosmatka
Elizabeth Francis
Ivy Ney
Andrea Macho
Joni Mitchell
Dave Skyrie
David Sheppard
Oz Almog
Juang Siahaan

Photo Portraits of Leonard Cohen

These portraits have been created by:
Max S. Gerber
David Boswell
John Byrne Cooke
Jean-Marc Carisse
Ilpo Musto
Andrzej Kielbowicz
Claude Gassian
Diane Williams

Paintings inspired by Cohen's songs

Democracy - Cyber paintings by Martin Beek
Love: The Only Engine Of Survival. - Painting by Valery Milovic

Paintings by Elizabeth Laishley:
Famous Blue Raincoat and others
Suzanne and others (Quiz 2000)
Quiz 2001 - find titles for 14 paintings!
Boogie Street
Alexandra Leaving
By The Rivers Dark
New paintings 2006
New paintings 2015

Dear Heather - Paintings by Allan Brack
Joan of Arc - Wallpapers by Anja Hermann


Matter and Ghost by Brent Sommerhauser


Music History Slice of Life by Mark Beebe

Computer Art

Tower of Song by Mariano Brustio


Leonard, Light My Cigarette - experimental film from Canada


Sincerely, A Friend at The Belfry Theatre Company of Victoria
Doing Leonard Cohen by Calgary's One Rabbit Company
Joyful Songs of Leonard Cohen and The New Step The Arts Club Revue Theatre, Granville Island, Vancouver
Came So Far for Beauty, The Music of Leonard Cohen by The Theatre Wing at Manchester Community College in Manchester CT
Dance me to the end of love by Theatre du Pif, Hong Kong
Book of Longing Philip Glass/Leonard Cohen collaboration


Give Me a Leonard Cohen Afterworld by Stefan Banz
I can sleep for the rest of my life by Alex Wilde
Hydra and The Bananas of Leonard Cohen by Roger Green
Weeks Like This by Henry Denander
Hydra: Deeper Than Bones by Soheyl Dahi
The Diamond's Mine by Pete Needham
Leonard Cohen: One of Those Guys by Robert Humphrey

Songs about Leonard Cohen

Songs About Leonard Cohen Listing of 35 songs about Leonard - many with lyrics

Album covers

The Pod by Ween, and others


Leonard Cohen's Jukebox


Alexis With Avalanche

Art photography

Paper Thin Hotel by Ania Nowakowska
Joan of Arc by Ania Nowakowska
Story of Isaacby Niko Solitander
Famous Blue Raincoat by Robin Hill
Dead Song by Ania Nowakowska

Poems set to music

Energy of Slaves by Henning Franz

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