Theatre du Pif, Hong Kong

October 2003

"One of the 20 century greatest novelists meets one of its greatest songwriters in a theatrical encounter at the City Hall in Hong Kong. Theatre du Pif's new production draws its inspiration from Nobel Prize winner for literature Hermann Hesse's famous novel "Siddhartha" and from the eclectic and haunting songs of Leonard Cohen, the celebrated Canadian singer, songwriter and poet. It also sees the company join forces with one of the Scotland leading choreographers, Alan Greig, artistic director of Scotland based X Factor Dance Company.It tells the story of Siddhartha and his life's journey through the temptations of luxury and wealth, the delights of sensual love and the sinister threat of death dealing snakes, towards the destiny that awaits him beside the all-knowing river. A central aspect of the show is how the poetry and music of Leonard Cohen illuminates the path followed by Hesse's seeker of truths Siddhartha. Dance Me to the End of Love is a fusion of theatre, dance and music. " For more, visit the website of Theatre du Pif

Update 2005

Theatre du Pif re-ran the show in Hong Kong in October 2005 and then took it to Berlin in November 2005. The theatre was also running a weekend Drama workshop for local Chinese teenagers based on the poetry and songs of Leonard Cohen. "This event I am particularly pleased about as his work is often a revelation to the young people over here who are more used to Canto pop", said Sean Curran of Theatre du Pif.