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Leonard Cohen's official website
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Adam Cohen
Anjani Thomas
Sharon Robinson
The Webb Sisters
Roscoe Beck
Dino Soldo
Perla Batalla
Julie Christensen
Jennifer Warnes

Fan sites in English

  • The Leonard Cohen Forum hosted by The Leonard Cohen Files and Speaking Cohen
  • Speaking Cohen - A Tribute to Leonard Cohen and His Words hosted by Marie Mazur
  • The Leonard Cohen Scrapbook by Arlene
  • Diamonds in the line: Song prologues
  • Leonard Cohen - Halls of Fame blog by Roy Salame
  • Leonard Cohen Memories hosted by Maarten Massa
  • Fan's collection hosted by Antoni Molist
  • Fan sites in other languages

  • The French Leonard Cohen site maintained by Patrice Clos
  • A Thousand Kisses Deep: maintained by Tom Sakic and Jurica Staresincic
  • Poeta piosenki Polish site by Andrzej Pfeiffer
  • Christof Graf's Leonard Cohen site in German
  • Exposicion virtual Leonard Cohen hosted by Pep Burgoa
  • Autour De Leonard Cohen hosted by Stephane V. Ehling
  • Leonard Cohen site by Kadir Ercan in Turkish, German and English
  • The Lithuanian Cohen Fansite by Justinas Zilinskas
  • Chinese Leonard Cohen blog hosted by Weilin Wang
  • Leonard Cohen Brazilian Leonard Cohen page hosted by Rubens Leme da Costa
  • Leonard Cohen Iranian Leonard Cohen site in Farsi hosted by Dooman Maleki

    Digital Archives

  • Leonard's YouTube appearances, organised into playlists by Marie Mazur
  • The Leonard Cohen Concordance The concordance, created by Marie Mazur, utilizes a search engine for finding words and phrases and producing excerpts of Cohen's poems, songs and prose.
  • Cohen Chords Archive hosted by Maarten Massa
  • Current Cohen - A selection of links hosted by Roman Gavrilin
  • Google book search - more than 25.000 pages of Cohen's texts and references to his work
  • Audio and video clips from the CBC archive
  • Kelley Lynch Fact Check: The Truth about Kelley Lynch's Allegations against Leonard Cohen
  • Cohen Chords (now hosted by Maarten Massa)
  • Other sites inspired by Leonard Cohen's work

  • Leonard Cohen Nights - Annual events in Edmonton hosted by Kim Solez
  • Abstractor of the Quintessence - a digital art exhibition hosted by Roman Gavrilin
  • The Gallery of Frost hosted by Martin Beek
  • Tea And Oranges hosted by Henning Franz
  • I Can't Forget hosted by Wijbe Lageveen

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