Marta Goebel-Pietrasz, Tennessee/Poland

Freshly Cut Tears. © 2004 Marta Goebel-Pietrasz.

"I was born in Gdansk, Poland, and attended schools there, like Art School- kind of high school for would-be-artists in Gdynia, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (1993-1995). Since 1995 I have been living and exhibiting in the United States. I work in different media, pencil and colored pencils on paper, pen and ink, acrylic, oil on canvas or wood."
"By mixing all techniques and styles I'm able to explore my surroundings and, of course, Leonard Cohen's songs, which take very special place in my heart. I was inspired by his music even before I knew any English, but the true adventure started with understanding the words. Leonard's songs are full of magical scenes and sometimes it is not possible to encode the whole message in one picture. More often I like to concentrate on just one or two lines and illustrate them ignoring the rest of the story. That's how the drawing Freshly Cut Tears was born - line from Take This Waltz". In my works I want to capture all beautiful, although often sad moments and I think and hope that with new songs coming this quest will never end."

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Elizabeth Laishley, Alberta

Boogie Street. © 2004 Elizabeth Laishley.

Elizabeth and Ed Laishley

"Over the last 30 years, the Poetry and Music of Leonard Cohen has given me pleasure and artistic inspiration. Therefore I decided to initiate a series of paintings with which I presume to interpret the songs of Leonard Cohen onto canvas. Just as the writing and music of Leonard Cohen, the paintings are suffused with symbolism, spiritualism, mystery and erotic sensuality. I have tried to bestow Cohen's intense mood and ethereal expression, but still show a glimpse of his macabre humour."

"In 32 paintings I have attempted an interpretation of auditory and literary art into the visual. In this case the success of the exhibit comes from years of research into the literature of Leonard Cohen and familiarity with his work and life."

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Artist photos © 2004 Eija Arjatsalo