SPAIN 1988


1. Dance me to the end of love
2. Ainít no cure
3. Who by fire
4. Bird on a wire
5. Avalanche
6. Chelsea Hotel # 2
7. Tower of song
8. Sisters of mercy
9. One of us cannot be wrong
10. First we take Manhattan
11. Everybody knows
12. Joan of Arc
13. Hallelujah
14. Take this waltz
15. Partisan
16. Suzanne
17. Heart with no companion
18. Coming back to you
19. I canít forget
20. So long Marianne

This I'm Your Man tour concert in San Sebastian, Spain, was recorded for the RTE, the Spanish TV on May 20, 1988. Later it was also shown in many other European countries. This is the only full-length live gig of Leonard Cohen ever shown in tv (almost 2 hours).

Musicians: Leonard Cohen, vocals, guitar, keyboards. John Bilezikjian, oud. Bob Furgo, keyboards and violin. Tom McMorran, keyboards. Steve Meador, drums/electric drums. Bob Metzger, guitar, steel guitar. Steve Zirkel, bass, keyboard, trumpet. Perla Batalla, vocals. Julie Christensen, vocals.