Leonard Cohen in Los Angeles in 1999
Photo © Jarkko Arjatsalo

7" single "McCabe and Mrs. Miller",
CBS 9162, UK 1968. Side A: Sisters of Mercy,
Winter Lady. Side B: The Stranger Song.

In the Movies

Leonard Cohen's songs on soundtracks - list of more than 200 films and episodes of TV series

McCabe and Mrs Miller
Kiss the Sky
Natural Born Killers*)
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Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr. Leonard Cohen (1965)
Bird on a wire (1974)
Song of Leonard Cohen by Harry Rasky (1980)
Songs from the life of Leonard Cohen (1988)
Leonard Cohen. Spring 1996. A portrait by Armelle Brusq (1997)
I'm Your Man by Lian Lunson (2005)
Leonard Cohen Under Review 1934-1977 (2007) and 1978-2006 (2008) - these films have been re-issued with various titles, including Triumvirate (2015) with a third DVD, The Mind of a Poet

Short films,
Special appearances, etc.

Comprehensive list of short films, Cohen's guest appearances, document footage, and some concert compilations.

In Short - a collection of four shortfilms (1996)

Musicals etc.

Night Magic
I am a Hotel

Concert footage

There are hundreds of TV interviews and (talk)shows with Cohen, and many of those include some live footage. On these pages we cover three important concert programs, probably the only ones consisting of nothing else but live material.

Rockpop Special, Germany 1979
San Sebastian, Spain 1988
Austin City Limits, USA 1988 and 1993.

Video Clips

Promotional Song Videos

Narrated by Leonard Cohen

The Tibetan Book of Dead

Films based on Cohen's novels

The Favourite Game

Video Contest 2005-

The Cohenights Art Society announces Leonard Cohen Video Contest