And I tried to record you
in black and white and purple
But the colors of the rainbow
are not as bright as you were
In the brilliance of our conference
below the bedside table
Did you think of all the darkness
that covers new beginnings?
I find you now in caverns
Of a rare and tranquil dream
And sing a song in silence
For the memory of the past

We mistook it for the shadows
we cast on our existence
And the blindness that removed us
from the comfort of the whispers
And I argued with the echoes
And tried to reason with them
But they turned my words upon me
And sequestered their abandon

I'd name this song "Susanne"
But you'd never know the truth
And I'd spill the melancholy ink
but it dried up long ago

Now I think about you often
And contemplate the meaning
In the pureness of our congress
Before I entered your world
When I think of understanding
The memory that darkens
Will you forgive my old transgressions
And the shelter that I offered?

I wanted to travel with you
And I wanted to travel blind
But the years have dulled the wanderlust
And washed the scales from my eyes

© 1999 by 440A Basin St. Music, USA 1999.
Lyrics taken from the Tesseractive home page
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