WORLD TOUR 2008-2009


Tour Posters

Official posters: Summer Tour 2008 on the left (30 x 45 cm), and Autumn Tour 2008 (28,5 x 44 cm)

Tour Books

Front cover of the Summer Tour Book
Photos by Lorca Cohen
Size 24 x 32,5 cm

Back cover
22 colorful pages

Front cover of the Autumn Tour Book

Back cover
24 colorful pages

Other official tour items

The Tour Pins were made in several colors
Diameter about 12 mm

The World Tour 2008-2009 patch

Ring 2008 (colors: gold or rose-gold, with Leonard signature engraved underneath)

A selection of Tour Shirts and bags.
An embroidered logo on the left.

T shirt of the Fall Tour below

Other tour collectibles

"Teacher and Master", Merlot 2006 red wine in special promotional bottle, by Rotenberg Winery, www.rotenberg.ro, in Romania (500 numbered bottles made for the tour crew and VIP guests for the concert in Bucharest on September 21)

Below: A special Collector's edition as a supplement to the September 15 issue of the Jurnalul National newspaper, Romania. 24 colorful pages about Leonard Cohen's life and career plus "More Best of" CD in cardboard sleeve.

Special promotional 1-CD version of "Essential Leonard Cohen" with 10 tracks came with the October 1 issue of the Polish national newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

Promotional post cards

A post card to advertise the concert in Prague

The card on the left was handed out at the London concert on July 17 to promote the Big Chill concert
Photos by Jarkko Arjatsalo
except the wine bottle from Bogdan Ganea's collection.

Scans of the Fall Tour Book and T-shirt by Hanna Szustakowska
Scan of the tour patch by Barry Bikesley
Special thanks to Vlad Arghir for the Jurnalul items!
Additional material provided by Tom Sakic and Dominique Boile