McGill University & Moyse Hall in the forefront

Montreal 2000 - The Leonard Cohen Event

What was it all about?

Gathering of more than 200 fans of Leonard Cohen
at McGill University in Montreal, May 12-14, 2000
for celebration of the life and works of the Canadian
author, singer, song-writer, and poet

Our participants came from Australia, Taiwan, Israel,
Italy, France, Germany, Holland, UK, Sweden, Finland,
Croatia, USA, and Canada.

On the steps of the Moyse Hall

Our organizers

The Organizing committee:
Bill Van Dyk, Canada, chairman
Anne Jayne, Canada
Dick Straub, USA
Jarkko Arjatsalo, Finland

With important contributions from:
Marie Mazur, April Yergin, Dar Nordstrom, Mean Larry

Media coordinator: Bob Parkins

Other contributors:
Kelley Lynch (Stranger Management)
Leanne Ungar (Leonard's sound engineer)
Ania Nowakowska, logo designer
Marie Mazur and Dick Straub, program booklet
Jack Lazaruk and Julie Couvrette, walking tour guides
Liz Madder and Geoff Gompers, dinner hosts
Elizabeth Hoffman, trivia quiz and refreshments
Judith Braun, poetry jam
Tom Dukovcic, our sponsor
All participants - you created the magnificent spirit!

The Committee wants to thank all of you:

The Leonard Cohen Event was an experience we never are going
to forget, and we hope that many of you share the feeling with us.
This was the first meeting of its kind, put together entirely on-line.
The committee members had not met face-to-face, and had no
permanent contact person in Montreal!

Thank you, everybody. Maybe we will have another sunny Event
weekend sometime in the future, somewhere. Meanwhile, we have
collected some of our memories on these pages for everybody to read.

The Committee laughing - it's all over and it worked!
Dick (on the left), Anne, Bill, and Jarkko

Here are your memories

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Sixty photos on these pages!

Friday, May 12
Saturday, May 13
Sunday, May 14
The Event Trivia Quiz
--- And the answers!
The Event Memorabilia
The Gallery of Event Memories - page 1
The Gallery of Event Memories - page 2
The Gallery of Event Memories - page 3
The Gallery of Event Memories - page 4

Newspaper articles:

National Post, May 12
The Montreal Gazette, May 14
National Post, May 15
The Globe and Mail, May 15
The Montreal Gazette, May 16
The Ottawa Citizen, May 21
TV Ontario, June 20

More information on the official Event site at
and on these sites:
Tea And Oranges by Henning Franz
"Leonard Cohen saved my life" and Cohenologists by Peter Choyce

Photos © by Eija and Jarkko Arjatsalo. Used by permission.