by Elizabeth Hoffman

Eva Szťll-Poola, from Montreal,
the winner of the Trivia Quiz, received
the Monkey and the Playwood Violin,
and also Stranger Music signed by Leonard

Aaron Bouschor won the second prize and
received his trophy (= a big bouquet of cactus)
from Elizabeth. 3rd was Susan Helwig from Toronto,
who won a jumbo assortment of tea and oranges, and
4th was Julie Couvrette from Montreal (a banana and
dark glasses.) The silly prizes were of course in
addition to the wonderful autographed items.

Signed books and CDs - donated by Leonard and
his publishers - were given to more than 20 lucky
attendees. Dick and Bill managed the draw

Here are Elizabeth's questions for you who couldn't attend The Event:

1. What color was Leonard Cohenís famous raincoat?

2. What is Leonard Cohenís middle name?

A. Norvell - B. Norman - C. Melvin - D. Eeyore
3. On what day of the week was he born?

4. In real life, what brand of tea did Suzanne (the one in the song) prepare?

5. The woman in Chelsea Hotel #2 (whose identity is of course a deep mystery) gives Leonard what on an unmade bed?

A. A loaf of bread - B. A spool of thread - C. A picture of Mr. Ed - D. None of the above
6. Name three LC songs in which the word moon appears

7. Name three LC songs in which the word mirror appears

8. Name two food and beverage combinations mentioned in his songs

9. Name seven kinds of birds mentioned in his songs

10. Which of the following place names never appears in his songs?

A. Manhattan - B. Phoenix - C. Egypt - D. Montreal
11. During a memorable moment in the making of Death Of A Ladiesí Man, what did Phil Spector hold against Leonardís throat?

A. A gun - B. A banana - C. His naked body - D. The Ronettesí underpants
12. What distinctive stringed instrument is featured on Everybody Knows?

13. In Take This Waltz, Leonardís translation of Federico Garcia Lorcaís Pequeno Vals Vienes the lobby has nine hundred windows. How many does it have in the original Spanish poem?

14. In Do I Have To Dance All Night (rare French single) what does the young mademoiselle say to Leonard?

15. Who among the following does not appear on the 1957 Folkways recording Six Montreal Poets?

A. Irving Layton - B. Leonard Cohen - C. Robert Service - D. A.M. Klein
16. In The Favorite Game, what is the name of the film that Breavman finds in the maidís drawer?

17. After Breavmanís friend Tamara becomes a painter, what is the only food she eats?

A. Brown rice - B. Salad - C. Bananas - D. Candy bars
18. In Beautiful Losers, which fireworks assortment does F. send the Narrator?

19. What mechanical innovation is lamented in the Epilogue?

20. On the day that Leonard Cohen recovered from writing Beautiful Losers, what kind of birds returned to Hydra?

21. In The New Step, the one-act play that originally appeared in Flowers for Hitler, how much money does Mary give the Collector?

22. Beneath my hands / your small _________ / are the upturned bellies / of breathing fallen sparrows.

A. buttocks - B. ears - C. breasts - D. kidneys
23. What famous songwriting couple owned the Tennessee cabin that Leonard rented in the late 1960s?

24. At various times Leonard has lived in a Buddhist monastery. Where is it located?

A. Mount Everest - B. Mount Baldy - C. Mount Bawdy - D. Mount St. Helens
25. Jennifer Warnes, whose beautiful voice is frequently heard on Leonard Cohenís records and who recorded an entire album of his songs, made her professional singing debut at age nine accompanied by 300 of what kind of instrument?

26. Which of the following is NOT a perfect anagram of LEONARD COHEN?

27. How many times total, on all nine albums, does Leonard sing the word NAKED?

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Photos © by Eija Arjatsalo. Used by permission.