The last day of the Event began with Jack Lazariuk's intimate lesson on Leonard's Montreal and his view of the Magic of the Event.

Do you want to see Leonard's boyhood home in Montreal! Read T. F. Rigelhoof's story A short walk in Leonard Cohen's Westmount on this site.

Then it was time to Take Montreal - the walking tour in Leonard's boyhood Montreal, two different routes, one guided by Jack and the other one by Julie Couvrette.

And the Big Surprise was waiting --- Esther Cohen, Leonard's lovely sister was waiting at the front of their house, inviting everybody to come in and have a look at the house. Realizing that their were two tours, Esther offered a second house tour opportunity in the afternoon, a generous gesture much appreciated by those who participated. (And Shirley Spencer and her husband, owners of Autobus Executors in Montreal, treated the afternoon group to luxury by providing a beautiful private bus between McGill and the home.) Esther, incidentally, sat through every program of the Event and conquered all hearts with her charm and humor. She was quoted in the newspapers stating that the "Event was just the way Leonard would have wanted it."

Catherine Tekakwitha is still an important figure in Leonard's home

I'm Your Man Gold disc
Esther and Leonard
in family portrait

Judith Braun hosted a Poetry Jam Sunday afternoon in which many poems inspired by Leonard were read. Concurrently, another group hosted by Anne Jayne discussed Leonard's novels, poems, lyrics, and public persona.

Photo: Natalie Fuhr reading Cohen's poetry, Judith listening

Our Closing Time session took place on the steps of the Moyse Hall. Winners of Elizabeth Hoffman's clever Trivia Quiz were announced, and signed CDs and books donated by Leonard, Sony, and McLelland and Stewart were distributed to winning participants. Finally, Jan Erik Lundqvist ended the Event with his rendition of the song, Dance Me To The End Of Love.

And what you have been reading was only the official part of the program! What happened outside the auditorium was at least as important. To finally meet each other, face-to-face, in real life instead of the cyber space -- was fascinating. Many songs were sung, many poems read, many friendships born, many toasts proposed. Some of these memories are featured on the following pages of this Event report.

Photos © by Eija & Jarkko Arjatsalo and Caty Hageman. Used with permission.