Leonard Cohen and Joshu Sasaki Roshi.
Roshi died in 2014 at the age of 107.

(Title page of Shambhala Sun Magazine, September 1998)

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Marie's Speaking Cohen - A Tribute to Leonard Cohen and His Words

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An Evening with Leonard Cohen
Christof Graf's report from the media happening in London in September 2014


Irving and Leonard
Richard Baines, January 2006


Hallelujah: 70 things about Leonard Cohen at 70
The Guardian, UK, September 17, 2004


Cohen Awarded Canada's Top Honor
From Yahoo Canada News, January 17, 2003


The return of a ladies' man
Interview by Judith Fitzgerald, The Globe and Mail, September 25, 2000


Zen robes retired as singer turns 65
Birthday story by Juan Rodriguez, The Montreal Gazette, September 18, 1999
Our National Muse
Judith Fitzgerald's interview with Leonard Cohen (August 1, 1999, The Toronto Star)
The Bombay Connection
"My encounters of the Leonard Cohen kind", Ratnesh Mathur's report from Bombay (April 14, 1999)
Leonard Cohen breezes into town on a sedate spiritual mission
Khalid Mohamed interviewed Leonard Cohen for The Times of India in Bombay (February 7, 1999)


The Virtueless Monk
Elena Comelli interviewed Leonard Cohen on Mt. Baldy for La Nazione, Florence (November 25, 1998)
Billboard's 30th Anniversary Tribute
A 14 page special appendix in Billboard's November 28, 1998 issue - we offer some titbits (photos from Leonard's family album!) and tell you how to order a copy of this collector's item!
Leonard Cohen Unplugged
Pico Iyer's excellent report from the Zen Center on Mt. Baldy, from the Buzz magazine, April 1998


Synergie - Interview with Leonard Cohen
Transcription of the French program aired by France Inter on October 6, 1997
Morning Becomes Eclectic - Interview with Cohen
On February 18, 1997, in the program of KCRW FM, Los Angeles
Read the transcript here!


The ordination of Leonard Cohen
Montreal Mirror reported on August 26, 1996.


Excerpts from various interviews
The Globe and Mail, UK Radio2, The Los Angeles Times, Billboard, Iltasanomat
Let us compare tribute albums
The Vancouver Sun, August 10, 1995
At lunch with Leonard Cohen
The New York Times, October 11, 1995


Songs of longing
The Irish Times, November 3, 1995
Story with no moral - Leonard Cohen between earth and sky
Les Inrockuptibles, France, March 15, 1995


The Portuguese interview
This interview was issued in 1994 in Lisboa by Expresso, the weekly magazine


Interview with Adrian Deevoy
The Q Magazine, 1991

Back to the Eighties

How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns
Interview with Leonard Cohen, RTE Ireland, presented by John McKenna, 1988 Stories behind some of Leonard's songs!
The John Hammond Years
Interview with Leonard Cohen and John Hammond. BBC, September 20, 1986
Interview with Leonard Cohen
Broadcast on CBC Radio. 1984. Interviewers: Patricia Keeney and Robert Sward (pdf file)

Back to the Seventies

The Obscure Case of Leonard Cohen and The Mysterious Mr. M
by Bruce Pollock (After Dark, February 1977)
Cohen - Behind the Enigma (1972)
by Tony Wilson in New Musical Express
The Sounds Interview (1971)
by Will Walker in Sounds
Complexities and Mr. Cohen (1972)
by Will Walker in Sounds
Cohen, Cohen, Gone (1973)
by Roy Hollingworth in Melody Maker
Cohen regrets (1973)
by Alastair Pirrie in New Musical Express
Cohen's new skin (1975)
by Harvey Kubernil and Justin Pierce in Melody Maker
Suffering for fun and profit (1976)
by Mick Brown in Sounds

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