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Poetry and Art provided by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen's Songs

Remastered albums:
Three first albums (Spring 2007)
Original albums of Leonard Cohen:
Song Index and links to lyrics
The Songs Of Leonard Cohen 1967
Songs From A Room 1969
Songs Of Love And Hate 1971
Live Songs 1973
New Skin For The Old Ceremony 1974
Death Of A Ladies' Man 1977
Recent Songs 1979
Various Positions 1985
I'm Your Man 1988
The Future 1992
Cohen Live 1994
Field Commander Cohen - Tour of 1979 2001
Ten New Songs 2001
Dear Heather 2004
Live in London (2CD and DVD) 2009
Live at The Isle of Wight 1970 (CD/DVD, 2LP, BluRay) 2009
Songs From the Road (CD/DVD, LP, BluRay) 2010
Old Ideas 2012
Live in Fredericton 2012
Live in Dublin (BluRay, DVD, 3CD etc.) - 2014
Popular Problems 2014
Can't Forget - A Souvenir of The Grand Tour (CD) - 2015
You Want It Darker 2016
Thanks for the Dance 2019
Other albums:
Blue Alert 2006/2007
Book of Longing 2007 by Glass/Cohen
Leonard Cohen - The collection (Box set 2008)
The Complete Studio Albums Collection (Box set 2011)
The Complete Columbia Albums Collection (Box set 2011)
Greatest Hits/Best of compilations:
Greatest Hits/The Best of Leonard Cohen 1975
More Best Of Leonard Cohen 1997
The Essential Leonard Cohen 2002
  • Index Page of "The Essential" Section
    Mojo Presents... And Introduction to Leonard Cohen 2003
    Greatest Hits 2009

    All Time Best 2011

    Opus Collection 2015

  • Other compilations:
    The Classic Interviews CD, Memories CD

    CD compilations
    So Long Marianne, Highlights, Leonard Cohen Takes Manhattan, Los 60 de los 60

    LP compilations
    Historia de la Musica Rock, FL Edition Speciale, Liebestr?ume, Top Artists of Pop Music, Star Sound Collection, Scoop (EP), Leonard Cohen Songbook

    Singles and promos:
    7" and 12" vinyl singles
    CD singles and CD promos
    Authorized live recordings of Leonard Cohen:
    Isle of Wight Rock festival 1970
    Do I have to dance all night/The Butcher. Paris 1976
    Columbia Radio Hour. Los Angeles 1993
    Guest appearances of Leonard Cohen: Poets in New York
    Other guest appearances:
    The Earl Scruggs revue (1974
    Famous Blue Raincoat (1987)
    Are you okay? (1990)
    Weird Nightmare - Meditations on Mingus (1992)
    Elton John: Duets (1993)
    Paul Shaffer & The Party Boys of Rock'n Roll: 1999
    Songs written by Leonard Cohen but recorded only by other artists

    Bootlegs (Live albums)
    Bootlegs from 60's and 70's
    Bootlegs from the 80's
    Bootlegs from the 90's
    Bootlegs from the 2008-2013 Tours

    Russian counterfeits (before "Ten New Songs")
    Russian counterfeits (after "Ten New Songs")

    Sheet music and anthologies
    Selection of Album songbooks
    A selection of Hallelujah Sheet Music

    Master Poems

    Six Montreal Poets (1957)
    Canadian Poets 1 (1966)
    More poetry on records
    Poems recorded by other artists

    The Filmography

    A. Cohen songs on the soundtracks:
    Leonard Cohen's songs on soundtracks - list of more than 200 films and episodes in TV series
    McCabe and Mrs Miller
    Kiss the Sky
    B. Documentaries:
    Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr. Leonard Cohen (1965)
    Bird on a wire (1974)
    Song of Leonard Cohen by Harry Rasky (1980)
    Songs from the life of Leonard Cohen (1988)
    Leonard Cohen. Spring 1996. A portrait by Armelle Brusq (1997)
    Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man. A tribute by Lian Lunson (2005)
    Leonard Cohen Under Review 1934-1977 (2007) and 1978-2006 (2008)
    Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love by Nick Broomfield (2019)
    C.Short films, special appearances, etc.:
    Comprehensive list of short films, Cohen's guest appearances, document footage, and some concert compilations.
    In Short - a collection of four shortfilms (1996)
    D. Musicals etc.:
    Night Magic
    Night Magic - remastered soundtrack album
    I am a Hotel
    E. Concert footage:
    Rockpop Special, Germany 1979
    San Sebastian, Spain 1988
    Austin City Limits, USA 1988 and 1993.
    F. Video Clips:
    Promotional Song Videos
    G. Narrated by Leonard Cohen:
    The Tibetan Book of Dead
    H. Films based on Cohen's novels:
    The Favourite Game, Canada 2003

    Tributes and covers

    A. Covers of the songs of Leonard Cohen - The most complete listing so far - more than 2800 songs!

    B. Famous cover versions: Judy Collins

    C. Tribute and cover albums:
    Jennifer Warnes
    Jenny & Lenny (large picture)
    Cohen på norsk (Norway)
    Maciej Zembaty (Poland)
    I'm your fan (Tribute album)
    Tower of song (tribute album)
    Juraj Kukura (the Czech republic)
    Graeme Allwright and Francoise Hardy (France)
    Daniele Pascal: Dance me to the end of love (South Africa)
    Tom Northcott: The Joyful Songs of Leonard Cohen (Canada)
    Juergen Jaensch: Ich Kenne Deine Träume (Germany)
    Pierre Ström sings songs of Leonard Cohen (Sweden)
    Kern Andres: Engem varsz (Hungary)
    Ibrica Jusic: Hazarder (Croatia)
    Daiano: Io come chiunque (sulla pista di Cohen) (Italy)
    Valur Snaer Gunnarsson: Valur og regnulpurnar - Reykjavik er köld (Iceland)
    Chelsea Hotel: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen by Mean Larry & Friends
    Mats Klingström: Jag är din man (Sweden)
    Mathys Roets: Hy's Ons Man (South Africa)
    Red: Songs from a room (France)
    Enya & Leonard Cohen (USA)
    Jan Erik Lundqvist: Leonard Cohen på svenska (Sweden)
    John Bergeron: In the House of Mystery & In the House of Mystery Unplugged (USA)
    Various Artists: A vendegek - Leonard Cohen dalai (Hungary)
    Various Artists På danske laeber (Denmark)
    Democracy: Judy Collins sings Leonard Cohen (USA)
    Orlandi & Poltronieri: Comme traduire...L. Cohen (Italy)
    Yasmine: Vandaag (het morgen van gisteren) & Yesterday's tomorrow (Belgium)
    Blue Engine String Quartet: If it be your will (Canada)
    Perla Batalla: Bird on the wire (USA)
    Henk Hofstede: Yesterday's Tomorrow (Belgium)
    Various Artists: Disparen a Cohen (Spain)
    Various Artists: Leonard Cohen: I'm your Man soundtrack (USA)
    Various Artists: Teatr Muzyczny Roma: Cohen (Poland)
    Jorcx Interpreta Cohen (Spain)
    Avalanche Quartet: Leonard Cohen Songs (Switzerland)
    Monsieur Camembert: Famous Blue Cheese (Australia)
    Acordes con Leonard Cohen (Spain)
    + concert photos on page 2
    Pawel Orkisz: Dno serca (Poland)
    Feast of Cohen - Live (Canada)
    Conspiracy of Beards (USA)
    Lena Måndotter (Sweden)
    Will Taylor & Strings Attached (USA)
    Cohen Covered, by the MOJO Magazine (UK)
    Cohen in het Fries (Holland)
    Masterpiece Unsigned - Songs of Leonard Cohen (Canada)
    Stranger Music: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen (Italy)
    Leonard Cohen Revisited (France)
    Leonard Cohen - The Scandinavian Report (Sweden)
    Ta min vals - Emma Forsberg sjunger Leonard Cohen (Sweden)
    Mitt gömda jag - Tomas Boström tolkar Leonard Cohen (Sweden)
    Fantastic Merlins with Kid Dakota: How the light gets in (France)
    Flavio Poltronieri Presents: Vestito per amare (Italy)
    October Songs: Eugenio Colombo & Raffaella Misti play the songs of Leonard Cohen (Italy)
    Fischer singt Cohen (Germany)
    Nadia Kazmi: Strange Song - The Songs of Leonard Cohen (USA)
    Leonard Cohen En Boca de (Spain)
    Suns of Arqa: Stranger Music (UK)
    Patricia O'Callaghan: Matador (Canada)
    Lora Szafran: Sekrety życia według Leonarda Cohena (Poland)
    The Songs of Leonard Cohen Covered [by the MOJO magazine] (UK)
    Smitty & Julija: To Leonard with Love (USA)
    Leonard Cohen Covered by The Saints of Boogiestreet (Iceland)
    We Love You Mr. Cohen, by Various artists (Poland)
    Leonard Cohen in Afri-Kaans by Koos van der Merwe (South Africa)
    Rainy Night House by Avalanche Quartet (The Netherlands)
    Live at Heritage Hall by Conspiracy of Beards (USA)
    Death of a Ladies Man by Greg Ashley (USA)
    Leonard Cohen Tulkingar by Niels Midjord (Faroe Islands)
    A Thousand Kisses Deep by Christine Tobin (UK)
    In City and in Forest by Tower of Song (Canada)
    Poem - Leonard Cohen in Deutscher Sprache by Various Artists (Germany)
    Psalmi iz daljave by Matej Krajnc (Croatia/Slovenia)
    Poem - Leonard Cohen in Deutscher Sprache by Various Artists (Germany
    Gæsterne - Leonard Cohen på Dohn'sk by Anders Dohn (Denmark)
    Tribute to Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Hate by Various Artists (France)
    I'M Your Man ... Naked by YuLeS (France)
    Łanuszka/Cohen by Michał Łanuszka (Poland)
    Dobre Piosenki: Leonard Cohen Zaspievany by Varous Artists (Poland)
    Anonymous Choir Sings Leonard Cohen (USA)
    Tańcz mnie po miłości kres by Krzysztof Krawczyk (Poland)
    We Love You Mr. Cohen #2, by Various artists (Poland)
    Den 3dje Leonard Cohen på svenska by Janerik Lundqvist (Sweden)
    Dear Leonard - The Cohen Collection by Reid Jamieson (Canada)
    Still Working For Your Smile by Gerad George Kettel (Germany)
    Renata Przemyk śpiewa piosenki Leonarda Cohena (Poland)
    Like A Drunk In A Midnight Choir by Various Artists (USA)
    Folks Play Cohen - Nine Popular Songs (Germany)
    Utwory Leonarda Cohena by Wojtek Gęsicki Poland)
    Sincerely L. Cohen: A Live Celebration of Leonard Cohen (USA)
    Songs of Leonard Cohen by Beck (Israel?)
    Polish Tribute to Leonard Cohen (Poland)
    Słynny niebieski prochowiec by Various Artists (Poland)
    Lubię gadać z Leonardem by Marcin Styczeń (Poland)
    Rags and Feathers - A Tribute to Leonard Cohen by Mallery Chipman (Canada)
    Going Home by Gary Snider and Leonard Cohen Affair (Denmark)
    Back on Boogie Street by Karsten Holm & Cohen Trioen (Denmark)
    Ik ben jouw man by Various Artists (The Netherlands)
    Bardowie i poeci: Leonard Cohen by Various Artists (Poland)
    To the End of Love. A tribute to Leonard Cohen by Cindergarden (Canada)
    Homage by Andrea Ramolo (Canada)
    Den Nye Salmetrio fortolker Leonard Cohen (Denmark)
    So Long Leonard by Dirk Ende (Germany)
    Amen by Indiscriminate Lovers (USA)
    Hallelujah. The Songs of Leonard Cohen by Various Artists (UK)
    Sleepy Golden Storm. Tribute album by Rags & Feathers (Norway)
    Večer S Cohenom. Tribute album by Maja Posavec & Ivan Kapec (Croatia)
    Dance me to the End of Love by Michel Griffin (USA)
    Flip Noorman zingt Leonard Cohen by Flip Noorman (The Netherlands)
    Back on Boogie Street by Gay Marshall (USA
    Plateau Projekt Cohen. Tribute album by Plateau (Poland)
    Who by Fire. Live Tribute to Leonard Cohen by First Aid Kit (Sweden)
    Tributes to Leonard Cohen et al.
    Enrique Morente: Omega (tribute to Lorca & Cohen; Spain)
    Suzanne Sheridan Sings Songs of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen; USA
    Laureen Fox: Love, Lust, Fear & Freedom: The songs of Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen; USA
    Realms [Songs of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits] by Rebecca Nash and Rosalie Genay, UK
    Hard Rain: The songs of Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen; UK
    Opania Cohen Nohavica; Poland
    D. More remarkable covers
    Esther Ofarim, Israel
    Herman van Veen, Holland
    Tapani Perttu, Finland
    Farhad Mehrad, Iran
    Hasse Westerg?rd, Finland
    Patricia O'Callaghan, Canada
    Guns2Guitars, Israel
    Nana Mouskouri France/Canada
    Werner Meyer Germany
    E. Covers from faraway countries
    Covers from Asia: Taiwan, Korea, Iran, Japan, Israel...

    Tours and Musicians

    World Tour 2010, index

    This secion will grow with the tour!!

    World Tour 2008-2009, index

    The Tour Schedule with links to reports
    Tour Merchandise and Collectibles of the 2008 Tour
    The first concert in Fredericton
    Photos from the Halifax concert
    What?s going down up on stage
    Photos from the Charlottetown concert
    Photos from the Glace Bay concert
    Photos from the Saguenay concert
    Report & photos from the Toronto concerts
    Photos from the Dublin concerts
    Photos from the Manchester concerts
    Review of the Manchester concerts
    Review and photos from the Montreal concerts
    Review and photos from the Oslo concert
    Photos from the Amsterdam concert
    Review and photos from the Montreux concert
    Slide show from the Lucca concert
    Photos from the Helsinki concert - page 1
    Photos from the Helsinki concert - page 2
    Introduction to The Tour Band and The Crew
    Tour Merchandise of the 2009 Tour
    Extra concert for fans in New York
    Ramat Gan Stadium, Tel Aviv photos by Hen Altof
    Tour 1967-1993
    Tours of Leonard Cohen - we list every tour and city, also all known venues and set lists!
    Concert Memories

    Warsaw 1985 by Daniel Wyszogrodzki
    Warsaw 1985 transcription by Artur Jarocinski
    Concert Photos
    Paris 1972-1976 by Claude Gassian
    Germany 1976-1979 by Peter Barthel
    Paris 1976 by Albert Labbouz
    Bruxelles 1979 by Marc Zwijsen
    Edinburgh 1979 by Alan Wilson
    Warsaw 1985 by Andrzej Kielbowicz
    Paris 1976 by Claude Gassian
    Milan 1988 by Mariano Brustio
    Kalv?ya 1985 by Hans Arne Nakrem
    Berlin 1993 by Vlad Arghir
    Milan 1993 by Thomas Krismer

    On the road with Leonard
    Leonard Cohen, the Medicine Man by Tom McMorran
    The story of "C" nby Anjani Thomas
    The Ladies
    Jennifer Warnes
    Perla Batalla
    Julie Christensen
    Anjani Thomas
    Sharon Robinson
    Leanne Ungar

    Leonard Cohen Bibliography

    Summary of new books 2014-

    Novels and Poetry written by Leonard Cohen:

    Let Us Compare Mythologies (1956)
    The Spice-Box Of Earth (1961)
    The Favorite Game (novel; 1963)
    Flowers For Hitler (1964)
    Beautiful Losers (novel; 1966)
    Parasites Of Heaven (1966)
    Selected Poems 1956-1968 (1968) & Poems 1956-1968 (UK 1969)
    The Energy Of Slaves (1972)
    Death Of A Lady's Man (1978)
    Book Of Mercy (1984)
    Stranger Music (1993)
    Book Of Longing (2006)
    Poems and Songs (2011)
    Fifteen Poems (2012, eBook)
    The Flame (2018)
    Foreward to The Flame by Adam Cohen

    Gallery of Books:

    Let Us Compare Mythologies
    The Spice-Box Of Earth
    The Favourite Game:
  • Editions 1963-1980
  • Editions 1980-
  • Editions in other languages 1963-1999
  • Editions in other languages 2000-
    Flowers for Hitler
    Beautiful Losers:
  • Editions in English
  • Editions in other languages 1966-1997
  • Editions in other languages 1998-
  • Parasites of Heaven
    Selected Poems 1956-1968
    The Energy Of Slaves
    Death Of A Lady's Man
    Book Of Mercy
    Stranger Music
    Book Of Longing
    The Flame
    Audio Books:
    All Audio Books
    Other collections of poems and novels:
  • Editions 1972-1989
  • Editions 1990-
    Collections of song lyrics

  • Art Books, Books of Poetry:

    Canciones by Leonard Cohen & Alberto Manzano
    Credo by Leonard Cohen & Juergen Jaensch
    Canzoni da una stanza tutti i testi by Leonard Cohen & Massimo Cotto
    Nimm Diese Sehnsucht by Leonard Cohen & Hartmut Witte
    Dance Me To The End Of Love by Leonard Cohen & Henri Matisse,
    Ich kenne Deine Tr?ume by Leonard Cohen & Juergen Jaensch
    God is alive magic is afoot by Leonard Cohen, Sarah Perkins & Ian Jackson
    Homage to Leonard Cohen by Elizabeth Laishley, Canada 2002
    Deep Café by Malcom Reid, Canada 2010
    Songs by Drawing - Homenaje a Leonard Cohen by Alfredo González, Spain 2011
    Ilustrisimo Sr. Cohen, 24 Canciones de Leonard Cohen ilustradas by Alberto Manzano, Spain 2011
    God is alive magic is afoot by Leonard Cohen & Clare Gibson
    The Wordless Leonard Cohen Songbook by George Walker
    Hallelujah Leonard Cohen by Sandra Zemor
    Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything by John Zeppetelli and Victor Shiffman
    Leonard Cohen Sur un Fil / On a Wire by Philippe Girard

    Leonard Cohen by Jacques Vassal
    Prophet Of The Heart by Loranne S. Dorman & Clive L. Rawlins
    So Long Leonard by Christof
    Life in Art by Ira B. Nadel
    Various Positions - A Life of Leonard Cohen by Ira B Nadel
    In Every Style of Passion by Jim Devlin
    Partisan der Liebe by Christof
    Came so far for Love by Paul Barrera
    Songs of a Life by Christof Graf
    So Long Marianne by Kari Hesthamar, Norway 2008
    Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah. A New Biography by Tim Footman
    Leonard Cohen - Titan der Worte by Christof Graf
    Leonard Cohen - A Remarkable Life by Anthony Reynolds
    Leonard Cohen. La Biografia by Alberto Manzano
    I'm Your Man - The Life of Leonard Cohen by Sylvie Simmons
    Léonard Cohen: Le Gagnant Magnifique by Alain-Guy Aknin & Stéphane Loisy
    Leonard Cohen - Un Canadien Errant by Viviane Gravey
    Leonard Cohen - L'homme qui voyait tomber les anges - by Christophe Lebold
    So Long Marianne - A Love Story by Kari Hesthamar, Canada 2014
    La Historia de Leonard & Marianne by Alberto Manzano
    Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories: The Early Years (Vol 1) & From This Broken Hill (Vol 2) by Michael Posner
    Critiques and Studies:

    Leonard Cohen by Michael Ondaatje
    The immoral moralists by Patricia A Morley
    Leonard Cohen: Redescoberta da Vida e uma Alegoria a Eros by Manuel Cadafaz de Matos
    Leonard Cohen And His Critics by Michael Gnarowski
    Leonard Cohen by Stephen Scobie
    Leonard Cohen: An Annotated Bibliography by Bruce Whiteman
    Leonard Cohen and His Works by Linda Hutcheon
    In Quest of Delight by Rod Sinclair
    The Proceedings of the Leonard Cohen Conference, edited by E.F. Dyck
    Leonard Cohen - Melodia Po?tica, by David F. Abel, Spain 1996
    Leonard Cohen In His Own Words by Jim Devlin
    The Complete Guide to the Music of Leonard Cohen by Maurice Ratcliff
    Music Makers: Leonard Cohen by David Sheppard
    Intricate Preparations: Writing Leonard Cohen Also published as "Essays on Canadian Writing: Leonard Cohen issue". Edited by Stephen Scobie
    Three Moments of Love in Leonard Cohen and Bruce Cockburn by Paul Nonnekes
    Soldado de la Vida by Alberto Manzano
    Love Itself by Erling Aadland
    Dylan and Cohen: Poets of Rock and Roll by David Boucher
    Yesterday's Tomorrow by Marc Hendrickx & Yasmine
    Leonard Cohen - Conversaciones con un superviviente by Alberto Manzano
    Leonard Cohen by Gilles Tordjman
    Leonard Cohen - Vertigo of Surrender by Robert Humphrey
    Leonard Cohen - Artist of influence by Anonymous
    Il Vangelo secondo Leonard Cohen by Brunetto Salvarinio & Odoardo Semellini
    Leonard Cohen - The Music and the Mystique by Maurice Ratcliffe
    Pour Leonard Cohen special issue of Moebius (#133)
    Leonard Cohen, Lorca, Flamenco y el judio errante by Alberto Manzano
    The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of "Hallelujah" by Alan Light
    Leonard Cohen: Die Ohnmacht der Worte by Wolfgang Haberl
    The Hallelujah Effect by Babette Babich
    Master Songs - En bog om Leonard Cohens sange by Lars Knudsen
    Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen. Interviews and Encounters. Edited by Jeff Burger
    Leonard Cohen par lui-même by Jean-Dominique Brierre and Jacques Vassal
    Cohen - Eine Hommage by Thomas Kraft
    Leonard Cohen - Seul l'amour by Jacques Julien
    Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows by Harvey Kubernik
    Leonard Cohen and Philosophy by Jason Holt
    Hallelujah. Testi commentati by Roberto Caselli
    De demonen van Leonard Cohen / The Demons of Leonard Cohen by Francis Mus
    Leonard Cohen: Still the Man by Colin Irwin
    Leonard Cohen: Liv og karriere by Håvard Rem
    Les Révolutions de Leonard Cohen by Chantal Ringuet
    The Music of Leonard Cohen by Chris Wade
    I famosi impermeabili blu by Massimo Cotto
    Smudging the Air: The Lyrics of Leonard Cohen by Teresa Quayle
    Tangle of Matter & Ghost by Aubrey Glazer
    So Long - Norske forfattere om Leonard Cohen by Various Writers
    Zen und Poesie, Cohenpedia Series Vol 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 by Christof Graf
    Leonard Cohen y el zen by Alberto Manzano
    Ο Λέοναρντ Κοέν με δικά του λόγια by Evi Maragou (ed)
    Leonard Cohen: Die Macht der Worte by Wolfgang Haberl
    Leonard Cohen et Son Dieu by Dominique Cerbelaud
    Matters of Vital Interest: A Forty-Year Friendship with Leonard Cohen by Eric Lerner
    Wees lief voor deze ziel. Veertig vensters op Leonard Cohen by Frank Kazen broot
    Leonard Cohen. Manuale per vivere nella sconfitta by Silvia Albertazzi
    Leonard Cohen - An Illustrated Record by Mike Evans
  • Leonard Cohen. Come un uccellino su fili di parole by Elena Lamberti
  • Leonard Cohen - So Long. Ein Leben in Gesprächen, edited by Cornelia and Daniel Kampa
  • Leonard Cohen, the Modern Troubadour by Jiří Měsíc
  • Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen: Deaths and Entrances by David Boucher and Lucy Boucher
  • Leonard Cohen: The Mystical Roots of Genius by Harry Freedman
  • Books about the Tours:

    Recordings of Leonard Cohen 1957-86 by Gerhard Schinzel & Michael Lohse
    Is This What You Wanted by Jim Devlin
    Fotografii Dintr-un Concert & Kepek egy koncertrol by Vlad Arghir
    The Song of Leonard Cohen by Harry Rasky
    No Ideasby Leif Bodnarchuk
    On Tour with Leonard Cohenby Sharon Robinson
    Leonard Cohen in Concert 2008-2013 by Michael Bromfield
    The Guitar Behind Dylan & Cohen by Ron Cornelius
    Before The Future... and Afterwards by Jim Devlin
    Before I'm Your Man... and Afterwards by Jim Devlin
    Tribute Books:

    Hadde månen en söster by Håvard Rem
    Take This Waltz, 60th birthday tribute
    Die Hommage/Un Hommage by Christof Graf
    15dana by Tomislav Sakic (Croatia)
    Mannen som förstörde mitt liv by Peter Lindforss (Sweden)
    Leonard Cohen en Espana by Alberto Manzano (Spain)
    Leonard Cohen - Almost Young by Jens Sparschuh (Germany)
    Pasterz Shepherd Berger by Beata Woloszyn (Poland)
    Just One More Hallelujah by Ian Carroll (USA)
    Anthem: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen Edited by Selene MacLeod and Jordan Gallader (USA)
    Book of Cohen David Cohen on Leonard Cohen (New Zealand)
    I'm Your Fan: The Songs of Leonard Cohen by Ray Padgett, USA
    De cohenights by Babet Blangé, The Netherlands
    Leonard Cohen, it's au revoir - Collection Dominique Boile
    Ain't No Cure For Collecting - by Gordon Fraser

    Leonard Cohen and Hydra
    Hydra and the Bananas of Leonard Cohen by Roger Green, UK/USA
    The Water and the Wine by Tamar Hodes, UK
    When We Were Almost Young by Helle V . Goldman (ed), Norway
    Half the Perfect World by Paul Genoni and Tanya Dalziell, Australia
    A Theatre for Dreamers by Polly Samson, UK
    Leonard, Marianne, and Me: Magical Summers on Hydra by Judy Scott, USA 2021

    Articles and Interviews

    An Evening with Leonard Cohen in London, September 2014 by Christof Graf
    Irving and Leonard (January 2006) by Richard Baines
    70 things about Leonard Cohen at 70 (Sept 17, 2004) by Tim de Lisle
    Companion to The Order of Canada (Jan 17, 2003)
    Zen robes retired as singer turns 65 by Juan Rodriguez, The Montreal Gazette, (September 18, 1999)
    The Bombay Connection Ratnesh Mathur's report from India (April 24, 1999)
    Leonard Cohen in India The Times of India, February 7, 1999
    The Virtueless Monk La Nazione, Florence, Nov 25, 1998
    Billboard's 30th Anniversary Tribute in the Nov 28, 1998 issue
    Leonard Cohen Unplugged by Pico Iyer, the Buzz Magazine, April 1998
    Interview with Cohen, France Inter, Oct 6, 1997
    Interview with Cohen, KCRW, Feb 18, 1997
    Ordination of Cohen, Montreal Mirror
    Excerpts from various interviewsNews update 1995
    The Vancouver Sun, August 10, 1995
    The New York Times, October 11, 1995
    The Irish Times, November 3, 1995
    Les Inrockuptibles, March 15, 1995
    The Portuguese interview in 1994
    The Q Magazine interview from 1991
    How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns, by RTE Ireland (1988)

    Interview with Leonard Cohen by Patricia Keeney and Robert Sward, Montreal 1984
    The Obscure Case of Leonard Cohen and The Mysterious Mr. M. by Bruce Pollock, After Dark, 1977
    New Musical Express interview from 1972
    The Sounds interview from 1971
    Complexities and Mr. Cohen (1972) by Will Walker in Sounds
    Cohen, Cohen, Gone (1973)by Roy Hollingworth in Melody Maker
    Cohen regrets (1973)by Alastair Pirrie in New Musical Express
    Cohen's new skin (1975)by Harvey Kubernil and Justin Pierce in Melody Maker
    Suffering for fun and profit (1976) by Mick Brown in Sounds

    Leonard Cohen and Internet

    Our Very Special Guest - Leonard at our meetup in London (October 2007)
    Encounter in Montreal - reported by Dick Straub, Montreal 2006
    Meeting with Leonard and Anjani - reported by Kim Solez, Montreal 2005
    Interview with the webmaster - how this website was born
    Links to all Leonard Cohen sites and a selection of other Cohen information available on-line
    Our Man On-Line. by Jarkko Arjatsalo
    History of Them All. by Geoffrey Wren
    Counting Down to Cohen's Return. by Sarah Elton
    Leonard Cohen Redux - Angst for the memories. by Alex Beam
    Bird on the wires. by Ira B. Nadel
    The Digital Landmark. story of Planete Internet
    Leonard in the Chatroom Transcription of Cohen's surprise visit on October 16, 2001
    My Intenet - A Good Vehicle Interview with Cohen about Internet /Com!Online 2/2002)

    Analysis on Cohen's Work

    Tom Robbins considers The Man in the Tower
    The Future
    Jazz Police
    Light as the Breeze
    The Future (album)
    Natural Born Killers
    Suzanne - story of the song
    The Fiction of Leonard Cohen by T F Rigelhof
    The Fiction of Leonard Cohen by T F Rigelhof
    Judith Fitzgerald on poetry, Cohen, and everything
    Abstraction and Ambiguity in the Lyrics of Leonard Cohen by Jeffrey Side
    T F Rigelhof: The Favourite Game
    Waiting for the Miracle by Michael Dube
    Beautiful Loser, Beautiful Comeback by Judith Fitzgerald
    Under the Spell of Stranger Music - Paul Monk explores the depths of Cohen's lyrical Judaism
    The Beautiful Losers Walkthrough - Geoffrey Wren dismantles Cohen's second novel
    Notes Towards A Definition Of A Masterpiece: Ten New Songs by Judith Fitzgerald
    Ten Reasons To Toast Him On His Birthday by Stephen Scobie
    The Essential Leonard Cohen by Pico Iyer
    Master Song by Judith Fiztgerald
    The Moon, a poem by Leonard Cohen by Judith Fiztgerald
    Leonard Cohen, Los Angeles 1992 by Paul Zollo
    Hallelujah by Bryan Appleyard
    I'm Your Man - the movie by Walter Mosley
    A review of the biography "Various Positions" by Doron B. Cohen
    The Strange Case of Leonard Cohen by Beatie Wolfe Watson
    Anthony Reynolds: Leonard Cohen - A Remarkable Life by Doron B. Cohen
    Speaking Sweetly from The Window by Doron B. Cohen
    Monastic in his [own] way: Thomas Merton and Leonard Cohen by Donald Grayston (pdf file)
    The Unified Heart and The Blessing to End Disunity by David Peloquin (pdf file)
    Sylvie Simmons: I'm Your Man by Doron Cohen (pdf file)
    Interview with Roscoe Beck by Francis Mus (pdf file)
    Interview with Javier Mas and Alexandru Bublitchi by Francis Mus (pdf file)
    The Song of Initiation by Leonard Cohen by Jiří Měsíc (pdf file)
    Lessons from a Master by Michael Bromfield (pdf file)
    The Hallelujah Effect Review by Jiří Měsíc (pdf file)
    Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen - Interviews and Encounters. Review by Jiří Měsíc (pdf file)
    A Story of Love and Separation A review by Doron Cohen of the book So long, Marianne
    Thomas Merton and Leonard Cohen: Soul-Brothers and Spiritual Guides by Donald Grayston
    Leonard Cohen, find me, I'm almost thirty by Amit Ranjan(pdf file)
    The Prayers of Leonard Cohen: If It Be Your Will by Doron Cohen (pdf file)
    Leonard Cohen’s “Last Years Man” in the light of William Blake’s “Illustrations of the Book of Job” by Chris Wilde (pdf file)
    Smudging the Air - Teresa Quayle's book about the lyrics of Leonard Cohen reviewed by Doron B. Cohen
    Leonard Cohen: The Modern Troubadour by Jiří Měsíc
    Leonard Cohen, The Priest of a Catacomb Religion by Jiří Měsíc
    Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen's song in the perspective of a semio-cognitive poetics by Per Aage Brandt and Ulf Cronquist
    Leonard Cohen, Philosopher by Philip W Rosemann
    Songs From A Room by Harvey Kubernik
    Betraying What is Necessary by Gabriel Gould
    Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” and Perfect Bodies by Chris Wilde
    At Leonard’s last night and After Leonard’s last night Essay by Greg George

    Collectors' Corner

    Cover Photo Gallery:

  • CD singles and promos 1988-1991
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  • 7" singles, 60's & 70's
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  • 7" singles of the New Millenium
  • 12" singles, 80's
  • Vinyl LPs with different cover art
  • Albums in outdated formats
  • Commemorative Releases and Editions:
    Closing Time CD Box
    Stranger Music - the numbered commemorative edition.
    Special Phonograms:
    Interviews on albums
    Postcard singles from Poland
    Amnesty International Picture Disc
    Book/CD Combinations:
    Sk?na F?rlorare - Swedish translation of Beautiful Losers with bonus CD
    Leonard Cohen Live In Concert
    Posters and Postcards:
    The Montreal Poster by Sam Tata
    More Posters -a selection of tour and promo posters
    Tour Books:
    Tour Books - selection 1974-1993
    Promotional photos:
    Columbia promo 1994
    Reprints of Paintings:
    The Mirror - French reprint of Cohen's artwork
    The Art Portfolio - three reprints of paintings
    The Lines Of The Poet by Morten Rosengarten
    I'm Your Fan Promo Items:
    Les Inrockuptibles - the Magazine with CD insert
    More Fans - another promo CD
    The Future Promo Items:
    The Future Lyrics - two promo booklets
    The Future: promotional items - a selection of the collectibles
    Ten New Songs Promo Items:
    Promo photos by Laszlo Ten New Song booklets from Germany and France
    Dear Heather Promo Items

    Promotional lithography and postcards

    See also Promo singles

    Remasters Promo Items

    Ites to promote the first set of remastered albums (2007)
    Live in London Promo Items

    Record Store Day 7" single - vinyl single
    You Want It Darker Promo Items

    Poster, post cards, lyrics book, T shirts

    Fan Activities

    Intensity, Holland 1987-2000
    Leonard Cohen Information Service, UK 1984-1994

    Events and Gatherings

    * Intensity meeting in Amsterdam - October 26, 1996
    * Intensity meeting in Amsterdam - September 27, 1997
    * Tribute Night in Seattle - January 4, 1998
    * Chelsea Hotel. Leonard Cohen Tribute by Mean Larry & Friends - January 31, 1998 (every year!)
    * Asylum. The 1998 UK Leonard Cohen Meeting - Lincoln, March 28, 1998
    * Came So Far For Beauty, USA - May 2, 1998
    * A Quiet Afternoon in Los Angeles - October 15, 1998
    * April in Paris - April 10, 1999
    * Bird on the Wire - The Danish tribute - June 3, 1999
    * Tribute Night in Sydney - February 17, 2000
    * Birthday Tribute Night in Toowoomba, Australia - September 23, 2000
    * Leonard Cohen Get-together in Helsinki, Finland - June 2001
    * Leonard Cohen Celebration in Toowoomba, Australia - September 15-16, 2001
    * Leonard Cohen Celebration in Toowoomba, Australia - September 14-15, 2002
    * First We Take Victoria - Leonard Cohen Tribute - September 26, 2002
    * The First Leonard Cohen Meeting in Italy - November 1-3, 2002
    * An Evening with Songs by Leonard Cohen Under the Stars - Tribute concert produced by Hal Willner, Brooklyn Park, June 28, 2003: Page 1 - Page 2
    * Leonard Cohen Meeting in Gloucester, UK - October 18, 2003
    * Leonard Cohen Celebration in Toowoomba, Australia - September 20-21, 2003
    ' Leonard Cohen 70th Birthday Celebration in Toowoomba, Australia - September 25-26, 2004
    * Came So Far For Beauty - Sydney, Australia, January 28-30, 2005
    * 13th Leonard Cohen Birthday Celebration in Toowoomba, Australia - September 24-25, 2005
    * Leonard Cohen Meet-Up in Bristol, UK - January 6, 2006
    * 14th Leonard Cohen Birthday Celebration in Toowoomba, Australia - September 23-24, 2006
    * Came So Far For Beauty, Dublin - October 4-5, 2006
    * The Dublin Meetup - October 2006
    * 15th Leonard Cohen Birthday Celebration in Toowoomba, Australia - September 22-23, 2007
    * Our Very Special Guest - Leonard at our meetup in London, October 2007

    Special Event Reports:
    Montreal 2000 - The Montreal Event
    Hydra 2002 - The Leonard Cohen Experience, Greece
    New York 2004 - The Leonard Cohen Event
    Berlin 2006 - The Leonard Cohen Event
    Edmonton 2008 - The Leonard Cohen Event
    Krakow 2010 - The next Leonard Cohen Event in August 2010
    Madison 2012 - The Leonard Cohen Event
    Dublin 2014 - The Leonard Cohen Event
    Amsterdam 2016 - The 10th Leonard Cohen Event
    Budapest 2018- The 11th Leonard Cohen Event
    Ghent 2020 - The 12th Leonard Cohen Event
    Copenhagen 2023 - The 13th Leonard Cohen Event
    Hydra Meetups in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2023

    Gallery Of Beautiful Losers

    Gallery of Memories

    Gallery of Magazine covers:
  • 1960's and 70's
  • 1980's and 90's
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  • November 2016-

    An old photo (late 1970's) from Leonard's family album
    Leonard Cohen Stamps
    Leonard Cohen's 80 years in 80 photos
    Interview with Sylvie Simmons
    The Chelsea Hotel Plaque
    I am the little Jew who wrote the Bible - Leonard goes back to his roots

    Leonard Cohen Presents Anjani (Blue Alert Promo Tour):
    The Cuckoo Club, London, March 26, 2007
    Radio Trojka, Warsaw, March 31, 2007
    Backstage in Warsaw
    Joe's Pub, New York, April 24 & 29, 2007
    Book Signing at the Washington DC Book Fair (May 20, 2006)
    Leonard and Anjani live at Indigo (May 13, 2006)- page 1
    Leonard and Anjani live at Indigo - page 2
    Cohen 70 years on September 21, 2004 - our gifts
    Los Angeles 2002 - family photos
    Chelsea Hotel
    Marianne and Leonard Interview with Marianne Ihlen 2(2005)
    Leonard looks back on the past Interview with Leonard Cohen (2005)
    Leonard Cohen's Hydra
    Red Needle - Leonard's drink
    Leonard Cohen's Montreal by T.F. Rigelhof
    Between Your Love And Mine by Leonard Cohen and John MacKenna
    Montreal Memorial Event (November 2017) - Photo Gallery
    The Montreal Tribute Concert (Nov 6, 2017) report by Christof Graf (pdf file)
    Leonard Cohen Stamps by Canada Post - Official stamps, September 2019
  • Art Inspired by Leonard Cohen

    Portraits etc. 2011-
    Ring the Bells by Vickisa
    Portraits of Leonard Cohen by:
    Vicki Perlman
    Trevor Neal
    Juergen Jaecsch
    Patrice Hamilton
    Alexandra Fortier
    Wilfrid Dube
    Michel Karam
    Martin Beek
    Lori Kosmatka
    Elizabeth Francis
    Ivy Ney
    Andrea Macho
    Joni Mitchell
    Dave Skyrie
    David Sheppard Oz Almog
    Juang Siahaan
    Photo Portraits of Leonard Cohen by:
    Max S. Gerber
    David Boswell
    John Byrne Cooke
    Jean-Marc Carisse
    Ilpo Musto
    Andrzej Kielbowicz
    Claude Gassian
    Diane Williams
    If the moon has a sister by Martin Beek
    Love: The Only Engine Of Survival. - Painting by Valeryk
    Four paintings by Elizabeth Laishley
    Twelve paintings by Elizabeth Laishley
    Winter Quiz 2001 - 14 paintings!
    Boogie Street by Elizabeth Laishley
    Alexandra Leaving by Elizabeth Laishley
    By The Rivers Dark by Elizabeth Laishley
    New paintings 2006
    Dear Heather - Paintings by Allan Brack
    Joan of Arc - Wallpapers by Anja Hermann
    Matter and Ghost by Brent Sommerhauser
    Cartoon by Mark Beebe
    Computer Art:
    Tower of song by Mariano Brustio
    Leonard, Light My Cigarette!
    Sincerely, A Friend
    Doing Leonard Cohen (on stage)
    Joyful Songs of Leonard Cohen and The News Step
    Came so far for beauty in Manchester, CT
    Dance me to the end of love in Hong Kong
    Book of Longing Philip Glass/Leonard Cohen collaboration
    Give Me The Leonard Cohen Afterworld by Stefan Banz
    I can sleep for the rest of my life
    Hydra and The Bananas of Leonard Cohen by Roger Green
    Weeks Like This by Henry Denander
    Hydra: Deeper Than Bones by Soheyl Dahi
    The Diamond's Mine by Pete Needham
    Leonard Cohen: One of Those Guys by Robert Humphrey
    Songs written about Leonard Cohen:
    Leonard Cohen's Day Jobby Austin Lounge Lizards
    Marianne by David Blue
    Lenny and Marianne by Tom Cochrane
    Leonard Cohen by Joe D'Urso & The Stone Caravan
    Leonard Cohen by David Emmets
    When Leonard Cohen Sings by Marie-Lynn Hammond
    Great little town of history by Gerald Block and Juergen Jaensch
    Summer Winter Song by Khaya
    Venovani L Cohenovi by Marsyas
    When you put Leonard Cohen on by Melys
    A drop in time by Mercury Rev
    Night-Owl by The Nits
    Channelling Leonard Cohen by Tesseractive
    Leonard Cohen by Roberto Vecchio
    Leonard Cohen's never gonna bring my groceries in by Nancy White
    Hydra 1994 by Steve Wilcox
    l.c. by Adam Again
    Why I'm lonely by Harvey Danger
    Cover artwork:
    The Pod by Ween
    Leonard Cohen's Jukebox
    Alexis With Avalanche
    Art photography:
    Paper Thin Hotel by Ania Nowakowski
    Joan of Arc by Ania Nowakowski
    Story of Isaacby Niko Solitander
    Famous Blue Raincoat by Robin Hill
    Dead Song by Ania Nowakowski
    Poems set to music:
    Energy of Slaves, music by Henning Franz

    I'm Your Man - Short biography

    Cohen portrayed by Christof Graf
    A short biography by Larry Sloman
    Cohen's Awards

    Timeline of Leonard Cohen

    Leonard Cohen Suomessa/in Finland

    Leonard's concert in Helsinki, 1985
    Leonard's concert in Helsinki, 1988
    Leonard's concert in Helsinki, 1993